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ASUS P8H77-V Wake from sleep=Reboot issue

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Please, Excuse my poor English - I'm Korean..



My sleep/wake-up's state is..


1. It sleeps very well. (monitor and usb devices's power is turned off immediately)


2. When click(mouse) or touch(keyboard) or WOL or connecting usb(e.g. iPhone etc), it awakes, BUT..


3. It reboot(restart)s.. (looks like push power button)


4. After reboot, no panic, no problem.. also windows are opened after reboot (without option "to re-open windows after login")


5. "Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700" in syslog ( | grep -i sleep)




os: ML 10.8.3

mobo: ASUS P8H77-V

cpu: Intel ivy 3550

gp: MSi GTX 560Ti




RTC, PIC, HPET, TIMR, EHCI/UHCI/SMBus patch(DSDT's section and kext's plist),

USBBusFix=Yes or No, darkwake=0 or not(chameleon.plist),

hibernatemode 0 or 3(pmest)



LPC, RTC, HPET etc (kextstat | grep)



NullCPUM.kext, sleepenabler.kext



Do my DSDT have Any other problems?

Is there Any other Solutions?


Thanks a lot YOUR help!


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try disable WOL from bios, and all devices that you don't use, awake and take a look in console app for look errors, update your bios to last version, try the flag darkwake=10 and look if work,


delete all graphics HD Intel* AMD*

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Dear iFIRE


Really thanks for your reply.

I will try and reply the results.


Thanks again.

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