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  1. rednut

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    I think so, too. My GTX 560Ti did not work in 1920x1080 mode, too. It is a wonderful topic for ATI users, but I don't know if it would be able to help also to modern NVIDIA card users.
  2. Please, excuse my poor English. My GTX560Ti works fine AGPM(AppleGraphicsPowerManagement) with ONE monitor. GPU core frequencies, voltages work well according to g-state's changes. But, with dual monitors, GPU's frequencies and voltages are no change.. My card always clocks up to its maximum performance even if it's not under load. (core 880MHz, shader 1760MHz, memory 2100MHz, and voltages 1.00V) As soon as I unplugged secondary monitor, it clocked down to 50MHz, within seconds. I've done a lot of testing(changing system identifies, modification info.plist in AGPM, etc), my logs show that GPU switches g-states as it should, however the GPU clock never changes. Of course, under Windows 8, GPU clocks and voltages change very well in dual monitors. My question is: Is it impossible that fermi card controls GPU power management in dual monitors?
  3. Thanks for your advices, i will try.
  4. Dear iFIRE Really thanks for your reply. I will try and reply the results. Thanks again.
  5. Please, Excuse my poor English - I'm Korean.. My sleep/wake-up's state is.. 1. It sleeps very well. (monitor and usb devices's power is turned off immediately) 2. When click(mouse) or touch(keyboard) or WOL or connecting usb(e.g. iPhone etc), it awakes, BUT.. 3. It reboot(restart)s.. (looks like push power button) 4. After reboot, no panic, no problem.. also windows are opened after reboot (without option "to re-open windows after login") 5. "Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700" in syslog ( | grep -i sleep) os: ML 10.8.3 mobo: ASUS P8H77-V cpu: Intel ivy 3550 gp: MSi GTX 560Ti With, RTC, PIC, HPET, TIMR, EHCI/UHCI/SMBus patch(DSDT's section and kext's plist), USBBusFix=Yes or No, darkwake=0 or not(chameleon.plist), hibernatemode 0 or 3(pmest) Loaded, LPC, RTC, HPET etc (kextstat | grep) Without, NullCPUM.kext, sleepenabler.kext Do my DSDT have Any other problems? Is there Any other Solutions? Thanks a lot YOUR help! DSDT_mod.aml.zip