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Packard Bell - EasyNote TJ75 - Hazard 10.6.6i

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I have problems with installing Snow Leopard.

I can start the installation without any problems putting the boot parameter "busratio = 17" but after installation I have several errors. Could you help me?


After installation I have two problems:

The first concerns the "fakesmc key not found bemb length - 1" and the PC will not start.

The second occurs when the system almost to login, all I get is a gray screen and a little later restarts.

You can tell me what to use to install Snow Leopard on this pc?


Packard Bell - EasyNote TJ75


CPU: Intel Core i5 430m

Chipset: Intel HM55

Wifi: Atheros AR5B91/HB93 b / g / n

LAN: Broadcom BCM57780

Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 512Mb

Card Reader: Alcor AU6433

Audio: Realtek ALC272

Ram: 4GB DDR 3 1333mhz

HD: Toshiba 120gb 5400rpm Sata II

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one way working for me for all laptops/PC with Hazard distro 10.6.6i :thumbsup_anim:

First-on to instraller-Customize check only 2 options:


2-Chameleon RC5

Only this 2 need to sucesfully install :wink2:

Good hack....

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Your Packard Bell EasyNote TJ75 is completely compatible with Mountain Lion 10.8.3. I have a Gateway NV5932u and they both are exactly the same. The branding is the only thing that changes.


A clean Mountain Lion 10.8 USB is all you need. Create one using myHack. Then remove the Intel HD Graphics kexts manually from the USB installer.


Note: 10.8.3 is needed to enable native resolution and graphics acceleration on 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics (QE/CI)

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@HUSABER Thanks for the reply. This night, after work, I'll try to install it with just those two options :thumbsup_anim:


@GhostRaider At this moment i don't have a USB drive to install Mountain Lion. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a 16gb usb stick and I want to try. Do you think that it will work with iAktos ML2 via usb?

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I have a Problem. With your DSDT panics because of the acpi. Now I'm reinstalling. But by entering only the kext should not just load it from the start? I'm going crazy, I can not start it :(

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I tried to install iATKOS l2 but when the system goes into the screen without any error message. How can I copy the Kext manually with MacDrive? Or I can to copy them with a distro of linux in live?

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DSDT is like under ware never use from another...


i don't know what bios version u have.. if it is the same..


to install mac os x u don't need dsdt.. only after install.. and only to help.. mac os x to run ...


i use the last bios for my note.. see in PB site what is the version of my bios and if it is equal what u use..


if not u cant use my dsdt..


u can use only my files.. and edit u dsdt...


good hack

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