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Dual boot, different hard drives?

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Asus P6t Deluxe

i7 920 @ 4.0

ATI 7950

12GB Ram

Windows 7 64bit

120 SSD windows 7

500GB (I want to put OS X 10.8.2)

1TB (files +install game and apps, win7)


I have OS X 10.8.2 on a dvd. I would like to run dual boot but not sure if I need to reinstall windows to pull this off or not. I been doing a little research but I'm unsure if this can be done and would like a little help.



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Dual boot wont be a problem, just make sure your windows is on a GUID partition and after you install 10.8.2 you should install chameleon bootloader to your mac drive. What this will do is it will replace your windows boot and will let you choose at the startup between OSx and windows.


Im not completely sure if SSD and normal HDD will work together with chameleon. But if you have the chameleon bootloader even on a usb, you can still be able to boot

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It will work fine. Just make the Mac HDD/SSD as the main drive and when the bootloader comes up you can stop the timer and select Windows partition. Select System Reserved to boot into Windows and if it is not there then boot into the Windows HDD.

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My way is even simpler. Install Windoze on one harddrive as a bootable beastie.

install MacOSX on the other drive as an entirely separate beastie with Chameleon bootloader.

Then you can set the Mac drive as the primary startup drive in your bois setup screen (you are able to get into the bios setup screens, right?)


I can go in and switch between drives and boot from which ever hits my fancy.


They are indepentant of each other.


Or I just let chameleon load with a 5 second delay and hit F8 and get a selection of drives. Chameleon will boot up Linux, Windoze and Mac OSX with equal alacrity.


If you set them up on separate bootable drives, they won't interfere with each other. It is when you put both on the same drive that it becomes a strain on the brain trying to figure out the booting sequence.

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