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creating anti-theft plist

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Hi everyone,


I am a obj-c/c++ programmer. In the past my macbook pro got stollen allready two times. The biggest problem is that when the harddrive is removed, the anti-theft software is gone. I am researching right now if there's a possiblity to modify my firmware and add a plist file that's installed when the OS is installed.

I want to know if EFI (where all the plists are) is in the firmware and how to modify that. I am thinking to make a plist file in the EFI of a mac that sends data to a server when asked. And I want to know if there's allready some research about this topic.

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Hi, i think the best way is to install an gps tracker inside the MBP



Then even if someone stole it you'll be able to find it and call police :)



It's a bit big, but i think you could find an tiny one, and solder it on the motherboard, it require some skills but it's the best anti-thieft solution IMHO

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