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A way to edit manually UEFI boot list ?

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Hi there,


I'm not a dev so i wonder if someone could develop an app to edit the uefi boot list, instead of searching for fat volume, a way to select manualy wich file to boot

It would be very nice from you since i got some problem with uefi .. :)


Thanks !


i'm not sure if it's the right place to post so my apologize in advance :)

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Hi, there is. Your UEFI (BIOS) should support starting a shell. The option entry can be found in the Exit menu on ASUS boards for example.

Usually it needs to be placed in efi/shellx64.efi or efi/shell64.efi. Your board's manual should tell you the exact file name.


Further, this post on projectosx describes where to get the shell and how to operate it. Start with point 3.

"bcfg boot dump" to display the current boot entries, "bcfg boot add" to add a new entry and "bcfg boot rm" to remove an entry, should be the commands you will need.

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Could someone be so kind as to tell me how to disable injecting Nvidia drivers from terminal

I'm using a 0zmosis modded bios I modded. but I didn't add a shell script to it. could I run a command from terminal?

im hoping it will fix my graphics card to show the correct vram 

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