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My 2cent on PC to MAC?


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I have ask this question for many years, and the answer is always the same, "it can't be done!".

everyone is moving away from distro type mac installer, so let me ask the question another way.


where do i start?










-Clover bootloader

-and many many more.


Now you have a pc, and wants to put mac os x on it, and you want a trouble free convert, first everyone will say to get this and that hardware, which is the best way, but if you can't what then.


you will then need a windows tool call system info: SystemInfoWin.zip



(i don't know how to embed picture)


web link



This software will tell you the Vendor ID and Device ID of all the need part of your system.

this info is for the advance hackey, but its good to know anyway.


to el coniglio:


1) Can you get this software to show the motherboad id?

2) Can the Ven ID and Dev ID be use to show what kext is needed in windows.



With the info from above you can then use google to start looking up what kext to use for each dev ID.


It would have been great if the BIG kext to VID/DID database was open to the public to use, so that someone with some programming skill could use systeminfo and that database and www.osx86.net to locate and download all needed kext for your system.


Next come the DSDT, there is a patch pack for mother boards and laptop on the net, don't remember where? search for dsdtpatcher. but if the program systeminfo could display the motherboard ID, then we could build a database with that info, and put all the relative patch in it, so that it would be easy for the average joy/Jane to convert to mac.


dsdt patcher should also use the data from systeminfo to do auto-repair / auto-patching.


Now you have completed half of what is needed, the above data is were most people goes wrong.

now you can use cpu-z to see what processor you have in your system, so that you can select the right smbios or create your own, their are tools for this, one is Chameleon Wizard.


i am loss, where are we now:

- we have all the kexts we need.

- we have our dsdt

- we have our smbios, or know which one to select when need to.


with all the above you think you will have a great install, but what fail most install is the video card?

i don't have a easy fix for that problem, other than to buy a tested or recommended video card.


some suggestion:


with all the above info, can some, use this data to create a program that install the kexts, modify kexts if needed, install the dsdt, modify it for the data provided by system info as to make sure the hardware works, install smbios with modify info re your cpu info.

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