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Precision 690 help

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I have a Precision 690 dual x5355 2.6Ghz quad core xeons 16Gb ram zotac 9600gt. currently using iAtkos L2 as i get further along in the process vs nawcom and retal disk. Problem is I am unable to install 10.7 to a sata drive as they are not showing up during install but for grins i connected a ide drive to the machine and it saw it and installed with no problems and upon reboot my sata drives had appeared could someone point me in a direction to get the sata drives working.


the onboard raid controller would work as well i have been able to get it working after installing a kext but not during the install process.


I also need a wee bit of help getting the graphics card proper GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag is active but only one screen resolution

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Set SATA mode as ACHI in the BIOS.


With this configuration, i think you can run Mountain Lion. Download Pandora from the downloads section to make your Lion/Mountain Lion installation media: thus you'll be able to use the retail installer app of either one, which is way easier to setup and troubleshoot.


I confess i don't understand why someone would pair a beasty machine such as yours, with dual Xeon and 16 gigs of RAM, which such a mild card as the 9600GT. It should work with GraphicsEnabler=Yes after you run Pandora, but man, just buy an ATI 57xx or 67xx series card (will work OOB with little effort) or, if you need nVidia because of CUDA, at least a Fermi card like, say, GTX 4xx series, or even a GTX 670/80, if you go for Mountain Lion. Your lousy graphics card will bottleneck the user experience and work you could get done with your machine. Just a drop of a good advice.


All the best!

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LOL Yeah i used to have a FireGL v7700 in it untill it died on me and have yet to replace it but had the Zotac card laying around. so i tossed it in to use have yet to want to rip my crossfire apart in my main box to give it a better graphics card. I did try the pandora and pushed it to a usb with the Mountain Lion Install media but it runs for a little bit i guess about where it would hand off to the main installer and then it reboots on me :/ no idea what to do have tried -x -f -v GraphicsEnabler=y/n npci-0x3000 maxmem=4096 but no dice other ideas???

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