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Intel HD4000 patch


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Hello guys i just finished installing mountain lion 10.8.3.

I have dual graphics and i want to enable my intel HD4000 graphics.

In order to do that i need some help with my dsdt (its my first time).

Can anyone help me with that?

Here is my dsdt.



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Open chess, can you play without stuttering? Then the Intel HD does work.

This topic came from a personal conversation,

First of all i installed iatkos ML2 version.


I have not used DSDT in the past and i can' t find it in my mac.


How to extract DSDT?


And if i don' t have DSDT how can you build one?

Has been explained.




It either works, or you should get a grey screen, low res or something like that.


Try booting with -f perhaps.

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When i open chess i can play but it gives me artifacts , the same thing happens in videos on youtube and in notifications.

My resolution is 1024x768 as it was before.

Tried booting with -f and still the same.

I have noticed that when i try to open "about this mac" it logs me out. Does that has something to do with the resolution?

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It should not have to do anything with that.

Install using the retail method, my advice. Pandora's Box is a good and easy solution.


Don't have a solution i can write down at the moment. DSDT has been patched, i replaced the DSM under GFX0 btw.

Could be PEGP or something, do not know, do not have the time anymore to look in to it, as i said in pm.


Best of luck, will follow this topic for learning purposes.



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Hi mgaffar,


I did a lot of reading. Extracted my SSDT's, and added the info needed to my DSDT, did have some help on completely disabling it.


Info here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281476-can-the-dell-inspiron-17r-notebook-inspiron-7720-run-mac/

And here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286196-asus-a56cm-k56cm-tutorial-ml-1082/


Have a good read.

Open a topic if you can not figure it out. Add your DSDT and SSDT's as an attachment! Best of luck.


I'm gone now, just done, need the sleep.

Good night.

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Hi everybody..


im new at about the hackintosh systems

sorry about my english


i have a i5 3317u H77 chip 4 gb ddr3 intel hd 4000 256 ssd kingston included notebook < Lengdatek X300V

first of installed 10.8.3 then started my notebook lcd was stopped

after the next boot i connect my lcd tv from hdmi port then everything is looking normal ive tested on video so look nice


if i boot -x mode system is looking graphics 1024x768 and kext are not loaded


i tried everything on the web


bootloader options filled (enoch) i was tried others

dsdt.aml patced

i was try to mavericks 10.9

but doesnt worked :(


Please help me what is my wrong 


i have add my dsdt ioreg and extra 



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