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  1. Hi guys , my problem is that i get kernel panic when installation starts (after selecting disk for installation) installing at disk . When installation is at "11 minutes remaining" i get a kernel panic. Does anyone know how to fix it Thanks..
  2. curt290

    Clover General discussion

    hi slice i have a question about clover....i have installed clover in my sony vaio and then enabled my ati radeon hd 7650m via config.plist but some times when i boot up my laptop just before login screen the screen goes black. Any ideas?
  3. curt290

    "About this mac" Logs me out

    Thanks for the info Lejenk. I used iAtkos ML2 for my installation and chameleon bootloader.
  4. Hello. When i go to the aplle logo and press "about this mac " i get a white screen for 1 second and then logs me out. Has anyone had the same thing. How to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  5. curt290

    Intel HD4000 patch

    Thanks Lejenk. Hope i here from you soon.
  6. curt290

    Intel HD4000 patch

    When i open chess i can play but it gives me artifacts , the same thing happens in videos on youtube and in notifications. My resolution is 1024x768 as it was before. Tried booting with -f and still the same. I have noticed that when i try to open "about this mac" it logs me out. Does that has something to do with the resolution?
  7. curt290

    Intel HD4000 patch

    No i copy it to extra folder and reboot but still the same.Any suggestions?
  8. curt290

    Intel HD4000 patch

    Thanks Lejenk. I don' t know how to disable radeon in dsdt , can anyone help guys?
  9. curt290

    Intel HD4000 patch

    Hello guys i just finished installing mountain lion 10.8.3. I have dual graphics and i want to enable my intel HD4000 graphics. In order to do that i need some help with my dsdt (its my first time). Can anyone help me with that? Here is my dsdt. Thanks dsdt.aml.zip
  10. Ok i finally get it to work, audio is working , ethernet is working , bluetooth is working , camera is working ,keyboard and mouse also. What i can't figure out is how to make my graphics work fully. In system information ati radeon hd 7650m 1gb is being recognized partially and hd 4000 is not showing at all. Can anyone help me guys? I would appreciate it... Thanks in advance!
  11. I removed the ati kexts but still get the same screen.Any aidea?
  12. thanks man , i will give it a shot and let you know.
  13. integrated graphics is intel hd 4000
  14. Hi Lejenk.My specs are: SONY VAIO SV-E1512H1EW INTEL 330 SERIES SSDSC2CT120A3K5 120GB Intel Core i3-3110M 4096 MB (1 x 4096 MB) DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 7650M
  15. Hello guys i am trying to install Mountain Lion 10.8.3 (Build 12D78) on my sony vaio but when it boots from usb screen is going crazy.I have attached two images. the first is when it boots from usb and the second is when it stops at first welcome screen during install.Does anyone seen this before?