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Fala galera!


Seguinte, to com um hackintosh perfeito, dual boot com Windows 8 e tal, mas agora comprei uma placa de video GT430.


Coloquei ela e quando entro no mac, usando HDMI fica numa resolução menor que meu monitor de 22', e a barra não fica translúcida.


O que tenho que fazer pra fazer essa placa de video rodar no mac?


OBS: Sendo que tenho também a GT210 e 9500GT e as duas rodam perfeitamente, mas a GT430 (que é melhor que as duas) não roda.

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Obrigado Artur, mas como sou leigo, pode ser mais especifico?

Eu não consigo dar boot pelo HD, meu mac só entra com o i-Boot, isso atrapalha?

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      Hello people
      after some time with osx86 in my amd sytem (thanks everybody for the lecacy kernels), an old radeonhd4350 has stopped working propertly. (thanks a lot to ANARCHiNTOSH and his guide http://www.insanelym...howtopic=236869 for making that vga works... but its dead hardware. even no bios... sometimes strange beeps... its dead.)
      my experience with osx86 is little, but i got everything working (except a dead radeon). no experience with nvidia cards, help is appreciated. after investigating for a compatible card with mac -and with my money-
      it seems that nvidia cards are more easy for osx86. seems that the things i need are:
      a recent chameleon boot looader
      nv injectors
      install nvidia drivers

      is this correct?
      someone with this vga? (of course, with full acceleration) (a way to check is inverse screen ctrl+alt+cmd+8 toggles inverse screen it should work with accel)
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      i forgot to say that the system is 10.6.5