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[HELP] AMD IOApic0x21 Error (Nirsesh 10.8.2)


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After a succesful installation of MacOSX on my notebook (10.6.3) I wanted to take things to a next level. I downloaded Niresh 10.8.2 and burned on a regular DVD. After a run test in VMWare (which was succesful) I decided to install it on my harddrive.


So I made a HFS+ partition, made it primary and activated it via Gparted.


With a bright smile on my face I decided to boot my Niresh 10.8.2 CD and booted up to the bootloader.


Trying to start the installation with following flags:


amd -v


In the verbose mode I noticed that he reads my processor so I finger crossed but after 10 seconds he hangs on


IOApic0x21 (###:###*) Can't remember the numbers


So I had this problem before with a 10.6 distro and I wasn't able to bypass it. Downloaded iAtkos S3 and made a NAWCOM ModCD and added a different AMD kernel and booted up with no any problems.


Can anyone help me bypass this error?




CPU Type Mobile QuadCore AMD Phenom II N970, 2200 MHz (11 x 200)

Motherboard Name Packard Bell SJV52_DN

Motherboard Chipset AMD 760G/780G/780V/785G/790GX/880G/890GX, AMD K10

System Memory 6138 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)

Video Adapter AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series (1024 MB)

Audio Adapter ATI Radeon HDMI @ AMD Turks/Whistler - High Definition Audio Controller

Audio Adapter Realtek ALC272 @ ATI SB800 - High Definition Audio Controller

Disk Drive WDC WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 (465 GB)

Network Adapter Broadcom NetLink ™ Gigabit Ethernet

Network Adapter Broadcom 802.11n-netwerkadapter

DMI System Product EasyNote TK81


CPU Information:


[ Processors / AMD Phenom™ II N970 Quad-Core Processor ]


Processor Properties:

Manufacturer AMD processor

Version AMD Phenom™ II N970 Quad-Core Processor

Serial Number NotSupport

Asset Tag FFFF

Part Number FFFF

External Clock 200 MHz

Maximum Clock 2200 MHz

Current Clock 2200 MHz

Type Central Processor

Voltage 1.1 V

Status Enabled

Socket Designation Socket S1G4

HTT / CMP Units 1 / 4

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