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Air > Ultrabook: is there a "best" ultrabook?

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Hi all,

in future i'll buy a new pc. I need an ultra portable computer with high batteries capacities and very light. The first choice is obviously a Macbook Air, but if there is an ultrabook with that requisites please tell me. I would like to have Win and Mac in the same pc and...i'm in love with hackintosh so i prefer it ahah :D


Thank you all!

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I have been following ultrabooks for about a year now. My overall impression is that they have been getting worse: slower CPUs, you won't find many Core i7, expensive prices and, what I find really bad, Windows 8 as the OS.

OTOH the MacBooks Air don't fully convince me either. Personally I'd buy a macBook Pro 13", not quite as slim as an Air, but still very portable.

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My Acer V5-171 is suiting me great. It is an 11.5inch model, very thin but does only have an i3 1.8ghz cpu. For what I need it for (Internet, e-mail, word, Spotify, google earth etc is works fine. It is running Adobe CS6 but I haven't used it in anger yet. I had to swop the wireless card for OSX. Happily multibooting Mountain Lion, Win8, XP. Ubuntu. Mint and OpenSuse. Mike

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