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3hours to have 10.8 working on ZENBOOK UX31A

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BIG WARNING: my full DOC/HOWTO is IN THE ZIP FILE !!! not here !


hello all,


when anybody want to install some macosx on his PC/notebook he is having a really big

problem : find the right kexts,dsdt,bootloader,etc... in a world with thousand of forums,

topics,hardwares, etc... For the lambda user its really just the hell !


My post presents you a way to test 10.8 Mountain Lion, after only some hours of attention.

The result is 100% proof if you are the happy owner of a ZENBOOK UX31A R4005H.

The owners of others Zenbooks UX32,UX21 etc have a good probability to obtain something,

but the mileage may vary...

In a very quick manner, you will have your zenbook running ML10.8 with full HD graphics,

acceleration, sound, and battery meter. The rest is TODO...


You will need macosx 10.8 ML GM dmg file,1 usb key 8gb, 1 usb mouse, 1 usb hd drive

partition approx. 20gb,1 usb hub 3 or more ports, 1 cdr and 1 usb cdrom drive.


I choose a way where you will not be destroying the ssd partitions of the zenbook, or

deleting the master boot record, or tweaking the asus bios.

Because the bootloader is on a cdrom; we do a install usb key for ML10.8; and we will

install ML on an external HD.


So its more a portable ML10.8 laboratory for testing the zenbook UX31A, and further we

will find solutions for FN keys, trackpad, bootloader.


I NEEDED some days to obtain the result, you will need some hours... better ?


All the kexts,dsdt,fulldoc,tools are in the joined zipped file.


Good luck, and hoping to hear from you, not only to criticize but also to give some

answers to go ahead !


chris geneva



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Well, great you provided some files, mind providing us with some more information about what they do? And how to use them? (I know, some of the new users will not)

If i'm correct, you use a cd-rom to boot OS X? Or an USB stick? We all like to boot from our HDD, without extra "tools".


I'm glad you found everything to get this system working, but please provide more information on how to set it up, thank you :)

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Hi Lejenk,


the complete DETAILED TUTORIAL is a two A4 pages doc.txt contained in my ATTACHED ZIP.

The idea is to give a quick and easy way to try/test Mountain Lion for users having

the nice Zenbook Prime, without (in a first step) to compromise/corrupt their

new ultrabook.

In a second step (and I will need use for that) we can imagine a definitive bootloader,

partition on Zenbook drive, and resolve some problems (FN keys, pad, what else...).

In two words we boot always first a cdbootloader launching an usb ML install key,

and further launching a real usb hd partition where we have installed ML 10.8.


Thanks for reading, have a nice monday !


chris geneva

zenbook prime i5 UX31A R4005H

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Did not open that file, i did, it is a nice how to. It does need some work on the English, i guess that is not your native language :)

There are easier ways to install OS X on this model, just do a search on the forum for the Zenbook, you will find a lot of resources which will make the Boot CD unneeded.


I do appreciate the time and effort you have taken to do all of this, the guide is clear.


Just post it on the forum to receive some feedback, 9mb is a lot to download if we do not know what it is about.

Keep it up, i enjoyed reading the guide, although it is useless to me :)

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Next step going on...


1 do a dmg archive of the superbootcd using ML.

for that open diskutil, select cdrom unit, click on NEW IMAGE button,

choose name and destination, finally save (2 minutes needed).

2 open the dmg archive on your ML desktop.


3 launch chameleonwizard 4.2.1 downloaded here:


4 menu FOLDER ON DISK --> choose the folder of the above opened dmg.

5 select your target partition where you want chameleon installed (be cautious!).

6 validate update and the box below (more bootloader etc) --> INSTALL

7 menu BUILT-IN --> select Boot0 -->INSTALL

8 copy folder extra of root dmg (2) to the root of your ML partition to have graphic boot image.



You have now chameleon bootloader installed, and you can reboot zenbook and

boot directly from the ML harddrive partition choosing it in the asus boot selection.

Your superbootcd is not more needed, and SURPRISE, YOU WILL DISCOVER that the

TRACKPAD is now working !


That's all for now !


Last step will be solutions for wifi and FN keys...


chris geneva

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FINALLY we'll install CLOVER bootloader on your zenbook ux31a/WIN8 and put your working ML10.8 on the SSD.


WARNING If you dont understand something, call friends for help.

Read first all my howto, and go on if you understand/know what you'll have to do.


1 Do backups of your SSD "EFI" and "recovery 20 gigas" partitions (contains WIN8 recovery image).

Free Macrium Backup 5.8 is a good solution for that.

2 Boot your ML install usb key. Diskutil--> erase 20gigas recovery partition of your SSD.

Choose hfs+ journalised, name HDmac for example.

3 Do a dmg of your working external HD ML10.8 and restore the dmg to your SSD HDmac partition.

4 Download "Clover JR backup" dmg archive (thanks to cyf/insanelymacforum) here:


Boot your ML external HD, open the downloaded dmg, and put the EFI folder on a fat32 usb key.

5 Download puppylinux 528 iso here: http://distro.ibiblio.org/puppylinux/puppy-5.2.8/

6 Boot puppylinux and look for /dev/sda1 (its the EFI partition) on the lower left of the screen.

If you dont see it, you'll have to use gparted (system tools) to activate "unhide" flag.

Open your usb key EFI folder (4) and open/save the file "config.plist" with "geany" editor.

To modify: parameter "DropOemSSDT" , change "No" by "Yes".Thats all.

7 Open /dev/sda1 (your SSD EFI partition)

Copy CLOVERX64.efi (its on usb key,folder "boot-unused") to /dev/sda1/EFI/BOOT/ folder.

Copy ALL contents of your usb key EFI folder, to /dev/sda1/EFI/ (EXCEPT boot and boot-unused folders!).

8 Boot windows 8 with your zenbook.

Open console (right mouse click to choose ADMIN rights).

Type/execute-->"bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\Boot\CLOVERX64.efi"


Now the next time you'll boot your zenbook, Clover will show up MS and macosx partitions.

I choose the first item on the left to boot windows, and the lion to boot ML10.8.

One more time, if something is gone wrong (and you are unable to go back with the backuped partitions),

I AM NOT ENVOLVED with your problems, so be careful !


AND I will be very happy to have at least one success story confirming my three howtos !


chris geneva

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my zenbook is a ux31a from end 2012, so new edition, and for ux32a could be ok , or very little changes to do...


chris geneva

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Hi Chris


Thank you for your great tutorial.

I confirn a successful installation of mountain lion 10.8.4 on zenbook prime ux31a

I did a slight variation :

I kept Windows 8 original installation, resized c: from windows to create a d: partition.

Then I used clover, installed OsX and copied clover onto the existing EFI partition, next to Windows UEFI boot loader.


Next step is DSDT edit to get FN keys working...

Any success on that ?



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I have not done more research on FN keys ...

BUT I am so happy with that UX31 zenbook, working with linux Artistx (a real marvel), macosx 10.8, and sometimes W8 (unstable) !!!

Have a nice day !

chris geneva

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