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NEW MacMod 2013 build: Lemon Lime Twist !

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I know, that was too funny ! :hysterical: Well, if I could have fit more RAM, I probably would have. I still can't over the SPEED & PERFORMANCE of this 6 Core Beast, being just as fast as the most current DUAL CPU Apple Mac Pro out there for a 1/4 of the price... BTW, I'm going to load up another mini-beast here soon for MacMod of the Month of May. It's a bit of an unusual entry, but what IS "usual" on this site when it comes to Hackintoshes anyway?... nothing... B).

Isn't the hackinbeast faster?


Yes it is, about 45% to 50% faster than your top of the line Apple Mac Pro with all the "trimmings." And especially you being able to fit all the things that you want to expand on what you have without limitations makes it even faster. With my new and improved Hackinbeast, it's now around 65%+ faster; using 2 x EVGA 580 GTX Hydro 3GB GPUs + 1 x Tesla C2070 6GB GPU. But if you're looking to still get a great machine and not break the bank, Lemon Lime Twist is the way to go. Minus all the water cooling parts this thing would've have cost you around $2,200 - $2,350. Again, by comparison to a $10,000+ unit... well, there is no comparison.

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