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Cloning partition to different drive

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I have installed OSX to my HDD. Is it possible to clone the partition to my main SSD and use it normally without installing?




Also, windows is installed on my SSD. If I have both windows and mac on the same drive, will I be able to choose which one to boot or will the boot files be conflicted?

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I would try this, boot into windows and shrink your windows partition and then create a new partition for osx.

Boot off you usb installer stick and use disk utility to format the osx partition.

Then I think you will need to shrink your existing osx partition so that it is smaller than your new osx partition.

Then still using disk utility off the installer restore your osx to the new partition.

Next boot of your existing osx and install your choice of bootloader to the new osx partition.

Then using diskpart off a windows dvd or gparted off a linux dvd set your new osx partition as boot.

That should do it, the only part I'm not sure about is re-sizing your old osx partition.


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Yes! I found a way that you shouldn't change anything.


This is what you do.


Prep: Format your SSD to have a 2nd partition


1: Download Hirens 15.1 V2 RESTORED disk. You might have to torrent it, because it's the only way I saw to download it. It has Norton Ghost.


2: Use ImgBurn or some other software to put the ISO (1.7GB) onto a disk (DVD). You can put it on a flash drive, but with macs, they don't always see it in the boot options. If you want to know how to load it to a USB, go to http://www.hirensbootcd.org/usb-booting/ and follow those instructions.


3: Boot your mac and load it from the Hirens Boot Disk. Once you are in, boot to the Mini-Windows 7. Then launch G-Parted. Format it to the HFS+ file system.


4: Open Ghost


5: Once in Ghost, you will want to go to Local > Partition > To Disk.

- Go through the prompts, it's pretty self-explanatory. Just chose the disk and partition that you want to move onto your SSD HD.

It's going to do it's thing. In the end, you have both systems on your computer.


I do recommend that you get a bootloaders for your operating systems. I just explained on how to clone your disk, just make sure that you have the proper tools to boot into each one of them. I think that Darwin and Chameleon are two of them. You can find several out there, so proceed with caution.

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