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  1. Adding -f removed the still waiting for root error. The boot is stopping later though after DSMOS has arrived. I get info about my drives then nothing NTFS driver NTFS volume name Local Disk NTFS volume name Local Disk 2 Then nothing
  2. I just tried some eSata related kexts, however, as I copy them in the extensions folder I receive a popup saying that it is an incompatible Kext Tried JMicronATA, AppleVIAATA but I still get the still waiting for root after Firewire..
  3. I have already looked into it intensively but have found no solution. Steps I have tried are: npci 0x2000 npci 0x3000 PCIRootUID=1 UseKernelCache=no Deleted IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext Deleted all IOFireWireXXXXXXX kexts
  4. I had it disabled but it kept giving me the same error... This is the picture without safe mode http://db.tt/ISl65VWj With safe mode http://db.tt/r9U6T0t0 And yes, the system is the one in my signature It might not be due to firewire; it was just a guess
  5. I have installed OSX to my HDD. Is it possible to clone the partition to my main SSD and use it normally without installing? Also, windows is installed on my SSD. If I have both windows and mac on the same drive, will I be able to choose which one to boot or will the boot files be conflicted?
  6. I'm getting stuck on still waiting for root device after the Firewire is now active line. I need to disable Firewire in order to be able to boot but I cannot do so from the BIOS. I can boot using the -x (safe mode) command. I tried deleting all the IOFirewireXXXX kexts but I still get the error after Firewire is now active. How can I disable the Firewire check from OSX?