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Fixing DVDPlayer.app on AMD motherboards (ATI, VIA and nForce chipsets)


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The issue: you are on 10.8.x, and decide to watch a DVD movie. You insert a disc in your DVD-RW device and either nothing happens or a dialog box opens offering to open media with some other application. You try to manually open DVDPlayer.app (Applications>Utilities) and this happens: DVD Player Error 70012-1.jpg


The cause: in general, this error is caused by an unsupported AHCI SATA controller. Click on the Apple logo>About this Mac>More info>System report, and locate SATA. It's likely DVDPlayer won't work for you if you see this: Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 4.57.54 AM.png


Possible workarounds: DVDPlayer.app needs a properly recognized internal SATA DVD-R or RW device. When your SATA controller is not supported, all SATA devices will be seen as external - and will be displayed with orange icons in your desktop. So the orange icon kext fix could possibly solve the issue, but then you'll lose hot swapping (http://lnx2mac.blogs...disk-icons.html). An user, rd8111, developed a fix for unknown SATA controllers (http://www.insanelym...em-information/), but it's untested for this particular issue and if it would break hot swapping. So the optimal fix is to deal with the issue where it occurs - the DVD playback itself!


The solution: Copy to your desktop the file in /SystemLibrary/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback. Download a hex editor of your choice - i used HexEdit - and open it. Select find/replace (or hit command+f) and find the word internal and replace it by external. Repeat for all ocurrances or use the replace all options. Let the wrap box checked. When you're done, back up the original file, save the one you just edited to the place the original was located in and try to insert a disc on your DVD-RW device: it should open the DVDPlayer.app immediately.


Credits: this solution was not a creation of mine and its inventor deserves all our appreciation. You can say thank you here: http://macenstein.co...orking-in-lion/


All the best!

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