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  1. That's odd.. I thought we usually had a 2-3 week wait?
  2. Chroot en avant: #chroot /Volumes/Mavericks Remplacer avec le nom de ton disque
  3. SS01

    10.9 GM Released.

    Hi Andy And what are you guys talking about? I never got any unsigned kext popups, not in the DP, and not with the GM either. My hack kexts are FakeSMC, patched AppleHDA, and while I was running the DP, a few patched NVIDIA kexts, though by the time I installed GM I had switched to ATI. EDIT: looking through Console log, I saw this: 10/11/2013 7:41:21.312 AM com.apple.kextd[14]: kext net.tunnelblick.tun 100009000 is in exception list, allowing to load But nothing about my OSx86 kexts. (Tunnelblick is my VPN app btw)
  4. SS01

    10.9 GM Released.

    I haven't noticed Mavericks quicker and smoother, as I said earlier, it actually seems slower. Could this be because I did an upgrade install over ML, instead of a clean one?
  5. SS01

    10.9 GM Released.

    Anyone else getting slow login? I boot fine, but when I login it takes 10-20 seconds before the dock pops up. I installed straight over ML, no issues other than this.
  6. Ouvrir Terminal.app et fait cd ~/Telechargements/DSDT Editor/SpeedStep aprés ca ls -a | grep out.txt ca va peut-etre trouvé quel'que chose
  7. Gils, essayer avec grep? Parfois la recherche de Finder et brisé un peu: cd a le directoire, et ls -a | grep out Ca peut trouvé plus de chose
  8. Just to recap, we can't use the Snow Leopard kexts because ML won't load them in 32 bit, correct? Juste pour confirmer, on ne peu pas utiliser les kexts de 10.6 parce que 10.8 peu pas les charger en mode 32 bit, oui?
  9. You should probably post this in the "Working Builds" thread. A mod can move it for you
  10. SS01

    Snow Leopard kernel testing on AMD

    Deltac0 has not logged on in months, I doubt he will come back Why are we still using this thread? The Snow Leopard kernels are done, no further development to be done on them. Use Delta's guide and the help thread to install, though you should really be using Lion by now.
  11. @Mohammed Khairy, you installed with MyHack? If not, the patched kext needs to go in /System/Library/Extensions, /Extra/Extensions on a non-myHack install stopped working in Snow Leopard. Also, remove the unpatched corecrypto
  12. C'est tu vraiment une bonne idée de essayer a trouvé le bug graphique maintenant? 10.9 sort le 10 Septembre, 2 ou trois semaine après ca, les sources cera sortie, c'est peut-etre plus prudent a faire marche 10.9 sur AMD... Is it really a good idea to try to fix the graphics bug now? 10.9 is coming out Sept 10, 2 or 3 weeks after that we will have the sources, maybe it is more important to get 10.9 working on AMD than to fix ML... Это действительно хорошая идея, чтобы попытаться исправить ошибку, графики сейчас? 10,9 выходит 10 сентября, 2 или 3 недели после этого у нас будет источников, может быть, это более важно, чтобы получить 10,9 работает на AMD, чем исправлять ML ...
  13. SS01

    tonymacx86 and other's

    Only if you live in a country with ridiculously broad anti-circumvention laws. *cough*DMCA*cough* In Canada, the law has an exception explicitly for this kind of thing.
  14. SS01

    A Simple Question

    Yes, that should work. Name it amd_kernel, put in it root of the niresh installer and boot with: amd_kernel.