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Need a little help getting my system stable.

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Hi, yes I am new here and probably need more help than I think I do.. But lets see what happens.


I have an i7 Samsung NP350E7C-A01US



And I have installed OS x 10.8.3 from a USB drive that was made for me from a friend running it on his mac.

With some playing, I was able to get it to load up, install, and thats where I am at now.


I am looking to get this stable on my device. For now. That's all I really am interested in doing. (Trying to learn the OS and get used to where things are before I dig any deeper into this.)


8.0 GB USB (PNY) with installer files.

The purchased from appstore $19.99 official OS x Mountain Lion app download. (yes I did buy my own copy)



My Problem(s):

I am unable to load directly from the HD

I get an apple, on a white screen with a spinning line ball under it.


Loading the HDD using -x (safemode) works, but at times it will lock my laptops keyboard and or mouse. OR I get a black screen.

I have used the command -x GraphicsEnabler=No , and it seems to work. Only this locks my mouse and keyboard completely leaving me with need of a USB mouse and board.


I have Network connectivity (most of the time) and am able to download #####, but anytime I make any changes, it fails. Telling me to contact the dev. Like many others I have been reading about.


IF any of these packages DO install successfully ( I install them one by one to make sure I know what would have caused an issue should I crash ) I restart the computer, and nothing seems to have worked. At times I lose networking, or boot to a black screen, or lose mouse and key function like before. No sound, no enhanced graphics (which is a waste looking at this resolution on my nice 17" screen :P)


I am looking for any help at all. Which Drivers should I install from #####, which should I do first? What to do if it fails on me like before?


Any guidance is greatly appreciated. And I thank you in advance.



If there is anything I can do or post to help you help me PLEASE let me know asap. I really would like to get my system stable for daily use.


Seems some things I can not say here. And forgive me if I am stepping over any boundaries. the ### above are m u l t i b e a s t. I am unsure if this is for legal reasons or something else. I am unsure as how to get drivers installed any other way. Please help.. I am lost...



Ok I have read why the ### appear, and will no longer post anything related to ... his.... work. BUT I am hoping to get better support from this community than I did over there. Upon reading more and more from this site I am learning more, but am still unable to figure out what I need to do. Should I start ALL over? Is my USB installer bad?


I am able to Install, OS X, and run it with -x command. But now I am unable to access the internet. It's basically just something pretty to play with at this point. And I still require the USB to boot into the OS on my HDD.

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Hi and welcome.


It's difficult to say where the actual problem is because there can be so many different reasons.


I don't know which installation method you used and which extensions/kexts it installed but you should find that out.


At this point of time you should be constantly booting with -v (verbose mode) and watch the boot log for suspicious messages and errors.


I suggest you get your boot loader working first so you can start Mac without your thumb drive. Get the newest Chameleon version and familiarize yourself with the settings. The Chameleon Wizard utility should help you.


You should also post a more detailed system information, the official specs won't help much as they don't say anything about the actual device models.

You could attach an ioreg file or better make a dump with DarwinDumper which will provide all the needed information and even more.


The network card probably requires a better driver, same goes for the input devices. However I'm afraid I can't help you with the latter. Try searching the forum, you should definitely find something usable.

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Thank you for the advice. I have been searching like mad to figure this out.

IS there any way I can start from scratch remaking my USB drive using a windows based PC? My friend that has the MAC that I used to make the first drive is no longer in town and will not be returning to mid spring at the earliest.

I am thinking if it is possible to remake the drive, load it with the drivers I may need and then start over again.

Is this is possible or if there is another way please let me know!

Much appreciated!! Thanks!

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