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  1. Need a little help getting my system stable.

    Thank you for the advice. I have been searching like mad to figure this out. IS there any way I can start from scratch remaking my USB drive using a windows based PC? My friend that has the MAC that I used to make the first drive is no longer in town and will not be returning to mid spring at the earliest. I am thinking if it is possible to remake the drive, load it with the drivers I may need and then start over again. Is this is possible or if there is another way please let me know! Much appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. Hi, yes I am new here and probably need more help than I think I do.. But lets see what happens. I have an i7 Samsung NP350E7C-A01US http://www.staples.c....product_985039 And I have installed OS x 10.8.3 from a USB drive that was made for me from a friend running it on his mac. With some playing, I was able to get it to load up, install, and thats where I am at now. I am looking to get this stable on my device. For now. That's all I really am interested in doing. (Trying to learn the OS and get used to where things are before I dig any deeper into this.) 8.0 GB USB (PNY) with installer files. The purchased from appstore $19.99 official OS x Mountain Lion app download. (yes I did buy my own copy) My Problem(s): I am unable to load directly from the HD I get an apple, on a white screen with a spinning line ball under it. Loading the HDD using -x (safemode) works, but at times it will lock my laptops keyboard and or mouse. OR I get a black screen. I have used the command -x GraphicsEnabler=No , and it seems to work. Only this locks my mouse and keyboard completely leaving me with need of a USB mouse and board. I have Network connectivity (most of the time) and am able to download #####, but anytime I make any changes, it fails. Telling me to contact the dev. Like many others I have been reading about. IF any of these packages DO install successfully ( I install them one by one to make sure I know what would have caused an issue should I crash ) I restart the computer, and nothing seems to have worked. At times I lose networking, or boot to a black screen, or lose mouse and key function like before. No sound, no enhanced graphics (which is a waste looking at this resolution on my nice 17" screen ) I am looking for any help at all. Which Drivers should I install from #####, which should I do first? What to do if it fails on me like before? Any guidance is greatly appreciated. And I thank you in advance. If there is anything I can do or post to help you help me PLEASE let me know asap. I really would like to get my system stable for daily use. Seems some things I can not say here. And forgive me if I am stepping over any boundaries. the ### above are m u l t i b e a s t. I am unsure if this is for legal reasons or something else. I am unsure as how to get drivers installed any other way. Please help.. I am lost... Ok I have read why the ### appear, and will no longer post anything related to ... his.... work. BUT I am hoping to get better support from this community than I did over there. Upon reading more and more from this site I am learning more, but am still unable to figure out what I need to do. Should I start ALL over? Is my USB installer bad? I am able to Install, OS X, and run it with -x command. But now I am unable to access the internet. It's basically just something pretty to play with at this point. And I still require the USB to boot into the OS on my HDD.