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Alex Auditore


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Let's think about possibility of instalation on Android's phones such a Samsung and HPC.

I know many people will tell that it almost imposible because iOS is the system with closed sourse code.

But Mac OS X is the system with the closed sourse code as well. And what do we have?

We can set up Mac OS X on many quantity of computer.

Everything is began with idea or conception.

Ona day Mac OS X was inaccessiable dream formenly. But now we all know what happend.

IOS is incomplete closed system due to open components of this system.

I know that HTC has the same processor named ARM

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Apple publishes open sources:




You are wrong in thinking it is closed source.

No, no,no there are only components of IOS. We don't have the whole source code.

In other words someone have already made it if he had the full source code

In addition, iOS has the closed file system.

First of all we should understand what the drivers do ios use?

And what the file system iOS use?

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Im not saying its all open source. And with an attitude like this you are not going to get far with this endeavor.

Year. You absolutely right. Separate person won't make any good. Only team's work can meke something good.

What do you think about this video, there is true or counterfeit?

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I have a notion!

What if we should virtualize the ARM cpu, not an x86 model. Additionally, we'd need to virtualize the swipes and taps and whatnot, etc

Here's one project that's attempting to virtualize iOS on the QEMU platform: IEMU.



If we will be able to make it, I think we will make it on real HTC or Samsung.

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The first thing to do is to port XNU to ARM32 architecture. That's the "easy" part of this endeavor, and i think there are people who are actually doing that (not because i know anything concrete about it, but because it's kinda logical: XNU is the open source part of it).


Then, the specs: basically the A-series CPU are the same as the nVidia Tegra silicon that's part of a lot of other devices. Once XNU is ported, CPU would be no issue at all. Graphics and touch, however, that could be a lot more problematic, since there's absolutely no guide about how to write drivers for them in the platform. Basically would be kexts that should be loaded with XNU, but how to write/adapt then? That's the tricky part. Of course, if the hardware is similar to other devices in the market, perhaps getting past this ends up being not that difficult after all.


Finally, the file system: as far as i know, it's a variant of HFS called HFSX, which is case-sensitive. That's also good news, because you can use good old Disk Utility to format HFSX disks (the second item): Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.29.59 AM.png


So the conclusion, as i see it, is: yes, it's doable. But as pointed by 3.14r2, do it at your own risk: i really doubt Apple would be as tolerant with a iOS hacking scene as it is with OSX86.


Best regards!


Also read this http://crackberry.com/developer-gets-ios-apps-running-blackberry-real

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It's certainly not impossible but I don't think it'd be a fun endeavour leagally or technically.


Let us not forget all the legwork that even got the OSX86 scene off it's feet with all the knowledge gained from PowerPC OS X emulators like PearPC and CherryOS. Back then it was all a stab in the dark and all you had to rely on was that it was UNIX-like!

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