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Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell -> HDMI (10.8.2)

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Hi. I desperately need to make native HDMI port (without converters) on Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell 1GB on 10.8.2 OSX, and this is very frustrating...

This card has next outputs (from left to right): DVI - VGA - HDMI

Basically DVI + VGA are works on 100% but nothing on HDMI (I can see picture there only when OS is booting, afterwards it disappears).


I have tried next:

1) GraphicsEnabler = Yes : DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - FAIL (hangs OSX when plugged in)

2) GraphicsEnabler = Yes + UseNvidiaROM = Yes and \ or VBIOS = Yes + rom file in /Extra : Unable to boot, constant reboots (no matter what rom is used - native or from Mac 8800GT)

3) GraphicsEnabler = Yes + NVCAP = 04000000000003000c0000000000000700000000 (extracted from native rom): DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (screen on DVI flashes with blue background when HDMI plugged in, OSX not freezing)

4) NVEnabler: DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (no flashes, no react when plugged in)

5) NVEnabler + edited plist (added NVCAP and VBIOS Hex): DVI - OK, VGA - OK, HDMI - No signal (no flashes, no react when plugged in)


I think NVCAP should be adjusted somehow, because I managed to get no freezes with extracted NVCAP and I see graphics reconfiguratiion when plugging HDMI cable but TV still prints "No signal". I assume it sends wrong signal on it and it needs to be swapped somehow by NVCAP but I don't know how. I saw a lot people where trying to get HDMI work on 9800GT, but all success with roms manipulating is drops on 10.7.x and higher.


Extracted rom attached. Please help.


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Talk with Krazubu, google projectosx --> NVEnabler.


If there's a hope for you, is him. But it's very very hard: i myself have a 9800GT and never got it to work. And, even if you succeed in getting it to work, HDMI audio will never work.


Good luck!

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Thank you for reply. I want at least video (sound I could attach via spdif separate connector). But why audio will never work? This card should mix it with using internal s-pdif connector.

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I just got HDMI working for my TV... accidentally on 9800GT laugh.gif


Not fully but at least something.


What I did:


!!!! Upgraded to 10.8.3->Got headache with NVenabler->went in -s and removed it ->booted with GraphicsEnabler (My PC monitor was connected with DVI cable to HDMI port via HDMI to DVI converter, because I broke DVI port on graphics card) -> I decided to plug out PC monitor and connect TV into HDMI port with HDMI-HDMI cable (without converters). And voila, TV detected signal as DVI (1600x900 @ 60) and I can see desktop there.



Major problems:


- No sound, certainly (pointing on S-Pdif or HDMI in sound settings does nothing).

- TV remains detected as my PC monitor, but I able to set proper resolution for it in system settings.

- After reboot cable replugging with PC monitor+converter required, TV can't be detected itself.


I think it's EDID issue, or TV doesn't send anything to OSX to be detected.

Big step forward, but I need help to make it usable.

Here is some photos attached.

Any help will be appreciated.



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