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Enable QE/CI on Intel HD3000

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Hi everybody, I'm new on the forum - and the topic - but i'm I've been trying my best to install Mountain Lion on my Acer Timeline and I've almost made it although some bugs I can't fix, first of all to get a full accelerated intel hd3000 graphics.

My laptop is set as a MacBook Pro 8,1. Stock kexts are loaded, the card is well recognized by system and resolution is fine but acceleration isn't working, so I'm stuck here.

What can I do?

Any suggestion is welcome :D



Ps: a screenshot is attached.


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I alteady did so and it doesn't work! I tried everything, i think there's something im missing, cause im very near but it still won't work.

Yesterday ive been trying installing the original ML but it won't even boot, it keeps saying " SNB framebuffer did not show up, unload". Of course i did artur's method and i also tried to change dsdt but my scrren split into four. Maybe there's still something i can do..but i don't know what!

I think i'll try with 10.7, and hope to have better luck! :)


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