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Kernel Panic after upgrading to 10.6.8

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I upgraded from 10.6.2 on my HP pavilion dv7 to 10.6.8 and now i have kernel panics and the only way to boot OS x is by safe mode. Here is a screen shot of the kernel panic. Here are System specs, Core2duo, 6gb memory, nvidia m9600gt video. Any other information that may be needed please ask, I would like to get this fixed.


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Hi elthomas195


Troy here mate :)


first off backup /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext and /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext


secondly - remove /System/Library.Extensions/AppleHDA.kext (type: rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext)


thirdly - reboot (hopefully that should fix the problem)


fourthly if you have HDAenabler installed in /System/Library/Extensions then back it up and then remove it from /System/Library/Extensions

(only if after doing steps 1 to 3 don't solve the problem)





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I had thought about it but wasn't sure which one to try and use, I am still learning OS x and how to use this OS, I have mainly used Windows, and very little MAC software, this is one way that has been helping me as my job is wanting me to learn more about Mac's and their OS so I can service them at work.


But during this whole time I can still boot into safe mode. and most everything works correctly.

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