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I’ve got one last problem with my setup that I’m really hoping you guys can help me get sorted. Under OSX, after sleep, the GPU idle temp jumps to what I would call an unsafe level.


For starters, this GPU runs quite hot anyway, which I’m led to believe is normal. Some people say it can safely go as high as 105° before starting to damage itself… but yeah, there’s no way I plan on ever running it that hot. With an ambient temp of about 25° it normally idles around the 55° mark under both Windows and OSX. But under OSX, once woken from sleep (until the next reboot), for whatever reason the idle temp dramatically jumps about 30°, putting it at almost 85! This is still okay for this card, if it were under heavy load that is, but no way should the idle temp ever be this high.


As far as I know, only one thing can be going wrong here. For whatever reason, once woken from sleep, the correct signals aren’t getting through to the card to tell it to adjust the fan speed as necessary. I’ve tried flashing the card bios (NVflash) to set a higher minimum speed for the fan – it was 30, I set it to 80 – but the problem there is that in both in OSX (and Windows too for that matter), the drivers seem to be overriding this limit. I can tell just from what I can hear that the fan is not at 80% power right now.


I’d really like to know what sleep is doing to mess up the GPU fan speed and see if we can fix this under OSX.


GPU: Nvidia Quadro 4000

MB: GA-x79-UP4 (Sleep enabled with SleepEnabler.kext)

OSX: 10.8.2


Anything else I can post to help, please let me know.



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If anyone was interested, in the end I took a low-tech approach and just attached an additional fan to the back of the card. This brought temps down 12-15° across the board. Still hot, but now acceptable.


Any software based solutions, I'd still love to hear, but I should be alright for now.

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Bumping this topic up since ive experiencing the same problem with my hackintosh. i have found that my graphics card (which normally runs at 335mhz at idle) will wake up from sleep at almost its highest power state running at ~1ghz and stay there at idle bumping temps from the normal ~27 degree C range to about 55-60degree range.

Also found that when my hackintosh goes to sleep, the graphics card fan stays running constantly?




i7 3930K @ 4.4ghz

GTX 670 MSI OC edition

running latest kext's (27/7/13)

Non-DSDT boot.

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