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Greetings every one!

I request your help; I have been able to install ML 10.8.2 on a Hp Envy-17 1090ca.


Vanilla ML 10.8.2

Chameleon-2.2svn-r2171 from: Chameleon-2.2svn-r2171.pkg.zip


/E/E FakeSMC 4.3.25 bundled with: FakeSMC 4.3.25 (HWSensors.pkg. The sensor and utility were instaled default; FakeSMC moved from S/L/E)

NullCPUPowerManagement 1.0.0d2 from NullCPUPowerManagement (32-/64-bit)

RealtekRTL81xx 0.0.90 from RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_90.pkg


/E dsdt.aml DSDTEditor_Mac.zip; DSDTEditor_Linux_Windows.zip (.dsl Created on win7, all patched for Notebook Core i Nehalem were applied and compiled with DSDTEditor)




Now, the following do work consistently:

CPU: 1Core

Video: OOB external ports only (VGA y mD; but some problems connecting mD and No QE/CI)

USB: OOB 2 rigth. (Sleep disabled)

Card Reader: OOB.

Bluetooth: OOB.

Network: Realtek RTL8111/8168B Gigabit LAN throw kext /E/E


It doesn't work steady:

Blu-Ray: It works if turn on with CD on it; otherwise it is not detected and doesn't work at all.


The following don't work at all:

CPU: All other 7 cores.

Video: Laptop screen just work starting the system nothing else.

Web Cam: Not working now; with other kext combinations it does work OOB.

Network: Wireless hardware not detected.

Audio: Nothing at all.

USB: USB/eSATA and USB 3.0 ports.

Keyboard and trackpad: Keyboard works fine and trackpad moves mouse but no click.

with AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext.



The following are not tested:



I attach Extra folder.


I need your help to get running this system; if it can be accomplished just modifying the dsdt.aml and leaving the /S/L/E kexts unaltered will be optimal and great.

Thank you beforehand for your help and advice.




I7-720Qm, 8Gb, Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 5850, 2 X Seagate 500Gb With S.M.A.R.T., 16Mb Cache, Hp Dvdwbd Ts-Tb23L Blu-Ray Dvd Player Dvd/Cd Writer, Intel Idt High Definition Audio (Internal)/ Ati High Definition Audio (Hdmi), Realtek Rtl8111/8168B Gigabit Lan, Broadcom 43224Ag (A/B/G/N-Draft), Hp Truevision Hd Webcam With Integrated Microphone, Synaptics Ps2 Touchpad, Nec Usb3 (Ss), 2X Intel Usb2,Ricoh Card Reader.


My dsdt.zip

MacBook Pro.spx.zip

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For everyone, the dsdt, add the extension dsl.

Do you have another operating system running?


Windows would be preferred. Use the following guide to extract the DSDT and the SSDT tables from Windows:


Extract all the SSDT tables please.


The DSDT you have provided is fine, just need the SSDT's, but while you are at it, extract the DSDT too :)


I need this information to edit the DSDT for speedstep, sleep, and recognizion in OS X.


Thank you.

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- For the PS2, install 'VoodooPS2' :)

- Video : I need to know your computer specs + Video Card name. Give a try to 'GraphicsEnabler=Yes' or = No.

- USB : Confirm this : If you plug on your USB 3.0 port a USB 3.0 device does it works? I bet it only works with USB 3.0 Devices.

- Wireless : What's your wireless card?

- CPUs Cores : You may want to try booting with 'cpus=4' and see if it is better. you could also try at the sametime 'busratio=20' but once again, what's your CPU?

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Removed reference to unsupported tools

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