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Dr. Hurt

[How To] Share files between OS X 10.7+ and Android over WiFi without SAMBA

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**I'm not sure if this topic goes here so mods feel free to move it to the appropriate section.


Ever since updating from 10.6.8 to 10.8.2, I've had a nasty problem with file sharing between my Android (ES File Explorer) and Mac OS.

I could no longer authenticate into my Mac using SMB to access different "volumes". The only way was to add the entire volume I need as a public folder which in my case is totally unacceptable.

I needed password protected access to the volumes.



How I got around it?

Easy. Using SFTP:


I went into System Preferences -> Sharing -> marked "allow remote login".


Next on my android tablet, I opened es file explorer, selected SFTP, typed my IP, user name and password and BOOM. I have full access to all mounted volumes again. And I believe its even faster than SMB.


What happend between Snow Leopard and Lion/Mountain Lion?

Well, I believe that Apple ran into a licensing issue with SAMBA so they had to trim down support for SMB and replace it with AFP. Only AFP can authenticate and access password protected volumes.

This problem appears to be plaguing OS X Lion/ML users everywhere. Most people suggest reinstalling the old SAMBA which can be a pain in the @ss. I believe this solution is much more elegant.


I hope this comes in handy to someone like me who depended on SAMBA to share files between android and Mac OS.

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Well, we're Sunday, 22 June 2914, and if I hadn't stumbled across this little gem, I'd still be finnegeling around, wasting time with my Android tablets and my MacMini running Mavericks in all its ...splendor.... Even with a first generation iPad, connecting was easy. Not so with the Andy tablet but still, I'd rather have my adolescent patients fooling around on an almost throwaway low-end Andy tablet as they wait then try to trust them with the iPad.


I read your blurb, opened up the ES File Explorer app  on the Andy tablet and within two minutes I was putting it into the hands of a 15 year old Valley Girl wannabe in the waiting room.


Thanks loads. I would NEVER have thought to try connecting the two entities in this way.




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