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Tyler Worth

A week with small progress

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I have 2 computers and I am in a Mac OSX class (learning about it basically)

My teacher said It would be interesting to see it work on my laptop or Desktop.


(Would also Like to dual-boot! Win7 and Mac OSX SL (only Retail i have at the moment Lion and Mountain Lion are on there way)


My Specs:


Acer Aspire 7650-Sb416

CPU: AMD A6-3400M (Quad-Core)

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6520G

Motherboard: Acer Je70-SB

Chipset: AMD K12 bridge Rev 00

SouthBridge: AMD A55/A60M Rev 11

Ram: 8GB DDR3


CPU-Z Screen Shot of CPU -Facebook picture but I have it set to Public so you should be able to see it.


My Desktop:

Custom built Desktop

CPU: FX-8150 8 Core Processor

Graphics: nVidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti Dedicated RAM:1 GB X2 (I have taken one out no worries!)

Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer Inc. M5A97 Rev1.xx

Chipset: AMD RD9x0 Rev 02

SouthBridge:Amd SB910/950

LPCIO: ITE IT8721 <=No idea what this is.

Ram: 16GB DDR3


CPU-Z Photo of CPU - Facebook picture set to public.


Let me know I have been working on my laptop all week and i have gott as far as booting with nawcoms boot Cd with paramaters rd(0,0)/extras/modbin_kernel -force64 arch=i386 busratio=12 (dont even think thats right)


Help me out I know the world of Windows but i want to learn more mac and My Girlfriend wont let me get one cus there expensive. Plus I want to do it for educational purposes and learn more about this stuff.

I want to start developing. But i need to get this whole thing down first.


On hand I have a Snow Leopard Retail disc/ ModCD by Nawcom/iATKOS S3 V2/EasyEfi V2.2 and have 55 black DVDs and 25 blank CDS lets do this!

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