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No signal

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I flashed my hd 6770 graphics card to hd 5770, and installed kexts. But when i restarted, and typed -v busratio=14 arch=i386 maxmem=4096 it load normally, but right before desktop my display turns black and says no signal.


I'm using dvi-hdmi cable. Does it matter or what is wrong?



Cpu: Amd fx-8120

Gpu: gigabyte hd 6770 flashed to 5770

Mobo: asrock 970 extreme3

Sata 250gb

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I recommend you the Nawcom Boot CD which is the best for AMD Hackintosh's. You need to boot with legacy_kernel..


http://www.nawcom.com/osx86/ModCD/ or here the usb version http://www.nawcom.com/osx86/ModUSB/


When you made it to boot into SL install comboupate 10.6.8 you can find the download it from the apple website... Don't use the integrated update function.. After installing do not reboot! install Bootloader, all kexts u need, and the latest 64bit amd kernel http://cl.ly/3T43372C1U0N and install in the root directory..


set up your org.chameleon.boot.plist with


-v busratio=20 arch=x86_64 maxmem=4096


After you fineshed all steps you should be good for a restart :)


Good luck!




you need to create a SMBios.plist first with chameleon wizard to start the update..

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Check that you use one thats not buggy.. I use the v2.1svn r2035 by Enoch.. Never had any Problems with this one the later builds got a lot bugs and not all work properly.. Just in case you like to use em.. http://cl.ly/400h0g0q1o0c

you can Update em with chameleon wizard anytime :)


Oh almost forget,


if you can't boot in use followed bootflags with the nawcom cd (type in the bootscreen.. I hope you know what I mean)


-v busratio=20 arch=i386 -force64 maxmem=4096 GraphicsEnabler=No

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This might be a stupid question, but where do i save the smbios-plist?

And i used premade Mac Pro 5.1 smbios. Is that good?


EDIT: And where do i put the kernel?


Yes, i'm a noob in hackintosh world :)

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put the kernel in / raiz of your disk, if you want for see the older kernel use app ShowAllFiles, it is hidden archive

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When i try to put the kernel there, it says that it cannot copy the kernel to there because something is invinsible. Is it okay if i rename the 10.6.8 kernel to mach_kernel1, and then put it to there?

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I tried to restart after the update, and it says:

Acpi table not found: dsdt.aml

No dsdt found, using 0 as uud value.

Using pci-root-uid value: 0

Ati vga controller [1002:68b8] : : pciroot (0x0)


(Lots of text about my gpu)

Acpi table not found: dsdt.aml

Acpi table not found: ssdt.aml


Starting darwin x86_64

Boot args (show text and my bootflags)


Then it restarts.

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