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No HD can be seen in Installation of 10.8

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I used myHack to make the installer of 10.8

Now when i boot the USB to my new PC

Gigabyte 900VM

RAID setting IN BIOS


320GB HD

Core 2 Duo


The setup used to show me PCI Configuration begin but then I used npci=0x3000 and it booted fine but it is not

showing my HDD in Disk Utility...Help me please :help::wallbash:

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    • By swordsx48
      Hi, I first started Hackintosh with a Yosemite installation. This was the second partition on an MBR drive with the first partition as NTFS w/o Windows. It worked fine despite what I've heard but it ran out of space so I cloned that partition to another drive. This was eventually pointless because it created a 160gb partition on a 500gb drive and I came to learn HFS cannot be resized if the table is MBR. Now, this clone, which I used for a long period of time, still boots fine. However, no bootloader recognizes the initial OSX partition. They both used to come up and work just fine however.
      Nowadays, I'm running macOS Sierra with a Clover EFI installation which doesn't recognize the first partition, nor does the chameleon from the second clone.
      I've tried installing Chameleon and Clover to that partition and booting from it, but no go.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Jarek Januszewski
      This project is actually two years old, but despite the aging SATA standard, still current as an idea.
      And of course - conforming hackintosh different thinking.
      I invite you to my shop for a short film of the "Do it yourself" series.
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      Hi friends of this great community, I Come here to ask if I can change the name of some devices in my Hackintosh
      I want to Apple-ify it a bit more     I would like to change the name of the HDD connected via AHCI SATA and also the CD/DVD drive and finally the battery.     I can't believe that Mac OS X likes dealing with an AsusTek battery...     Here goes the ioreg as it might be of some help.  
      Kosak’s MacBook Pro.zip
            How could I achieve this?   Also, what would be common Apple Hardware names for Battery, HDD and DVD?