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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I'm new to the conecpt of Hackintosh and trying to perform my first installation on my HP EliteBook Revolve 810. I'm running in to problems right at the beginning of booting the installation. My touchscreen laptop has the following specification: CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3437U @ 1.9 GHz RAM: 8 GB 1600 MHz SODIMM HDD: 256 GB SSD m-SATA GPU: Integrated Intel HD4000 I have used the following guide http://www.tonymacx8...l-based-pc.html ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] & [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]). I have also tried different boot flags such as, -x GraphicsEnabler=No, -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=0, PCIRootUID=1 etc and nothing seems to work... I have also used the verbose boot mode to see what is going wrong. I attatch to images which are the last two I managed to take before the screen went black. What is the error for SMC meaning? /Philip
  2. Hello Guys! I have ran into a weird situation here. My DELL 7720 SE laptop had some power problem on the motherboard (as told by the service center guys) which made my system unbootable. They replaced the motherboard. I brought it home and obviously, tried installing OSX using the Time Machine Backup. It restored correctly. Used all the same files/ config as earlier but the system couldn't boot up. It boots in safe mode, but no QE/QC. When I delete the Intel HD4000 Kexts and SNBGraphics etc kexts, the system boots up, again w/o QE/QC!!! Now, what in the world has gone wrong?? I have updated the BIOS to the latest A16. Is the new motherboard different than the earlier one? Basically, Intel HD4000 is not working....... I am trying get it work on OS X 10.9.2 I tried latest Chameleon Bootloader with DSDT=Null and tried all IntelCapriFB=1-11 EnableDualLink=Yes/No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No SkipNvidiaGfx=Yes.. All except one gave me Black Screen... IntelCapriFB=4 was the best one as the Intel Graphics was detected correctly with 1024Mb VRAM...but No QE/QC.. The graphics is obviously crappy without QE/QC... I checked the loaded KEXTS and found that AGPM is not loading.. FramebufferCapri and HD4000 kexts are loading with IntelCapriFB=4.... Also, clover Bootloader is not able to find my Mac volume, yes, i have the HFS related driver in CLover... tried both Vbox and HFSPlus...!!!!! So using chameleon on the USB as I have windows in UEFI mode with GPT partitioning. The older DSDT worked flawlessly (thanks to Lejenk) Somehow the same DSDT has stopped working after the swapping of motherboard..... System has Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GT650M in optimus.. CPU is 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 3630QM.. HDD is 1TB partitioned as GPT... with windows 8 installed in UEFI mode... Please help!
  3. hey guys. Need some help here. Got a new acer desktop with intel i3-4150 and built in 4400hd graphics. Installing Niresh/Hackintosh Zone 10.10.1 ran into problems when installing with the intel 4400HD (Constant kernel panics) so I decided to upgrade the video card. Bought a new asus Nvidia Geforce 610 2gb ddr3 video card (Works fine in windows) however trying to get it to show text on my monitor from the bootloader is not existant. I am using the VGA port on the new video card. AS I said the VGA port works fine in windows, but for some reason it doesn't in the bootloader. Any suggestions here would be great! Computer: Acer aspire AXC-605 Intel i3 4150 3.5 dual core 8gb ram upgraded from 4 1tb hard drive DVDRW/CDRW
  4. ĐÃ o Duy Quang

    HD4400 not fully FULL QI/CE

    I follow this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304267-intel-hd4400-full-qeci-in-yosemite-1010210103/ but it's not really full QI/CE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJvKa3JQ__E help me please
  5. Hello everybody! Today I've installed iAtkos 10.7.2 Lion on my Acer TravelMate 5720 notebook. I marked network drivers in "Customize" menu, but when I run OS, no ethernet and also no wi-fi. Can you help me to find .kext or another solution? Network devices: LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, supporting ASF (Alert Standard Format) 2.0, Wake-on-LAN ready WLAN: Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (dual-band quad-mode 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N) network connection, supporting Acer SignalUp™ with InviLink™ Nplify™ wireless technology or Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (dual-band tri-mode 802.11a/b/g) Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® network connection, supporting Acer SignalUp™ wireless technology WPAN: Bluetooth® 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) (selected models)
  6. I used myHack to make the installer of 10.8 Now when i boot the USB to my new PC Gigabyte 900VM RAID setting IN BIOS 2GB RAM 320GB HD Core 2 Duo ------------------------------- The setup used to show me PCI Configuration begin but then I used npci=0x3000 and it booted fine but it is not showing my HDD in Disk Utility...Help me please
  7. agentej

    LifeChat LX-1000

    Does the Microsoft LifeChat LX-1000 works on OS X? Or, Is there a way to get it working? I want to speak with my friends while playing Minecraft Thank you
  8. Hello I've followed guides for Snow Leopard and Lion but they're not working for me. When i do all the steps for preparing usb installation stick, the drive is not bootable (chamaleon, unibootx, chimera) are not recognising them. Is there anyone who will help me with that? For now I'm using Windows 7 and my netbook has 3GB RAM, unlocked Bios (AHCI support and overclocked FSP). About two weeks ago I've tried with iAtkos SL3, it hangs at the DSDT error (I don't remember whole sentence but it told me that there's no file)
  9. Hello guys! This is my first time installing with Clover UEFI mode so i would need a bit help since i won't get Mavericks booting. I've made UEFI USB in my mavericks virtual machine and tried to get it booting with no luck. First question is what do i need in config.plist on my EFI partition since its all empty for some reason? Is my USB made the right way? ( Watch pictures from here http://imgur.com/a/vWvXx#0 Includes S/L/E + EFI Partition pictures ) Specs: Intel i7 4770K, MSi Z87-G45, MSi Cyclone 460 GTX, Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 2 x 4 GB, Seagate Barracuda 1TB I would like to use my PCI graphics card (worked before with legacy install). Any clues would be really appreciated! If you need something else to figure this out just ask! Thanks in advance!
  10. I installed voodoobattery.kext and appleACPIPlatform.kext repaired permissions and rebuilt caches and all that. The problem is every time I go to energy saver and check "Show battery status in menu bar" it quickly unchecks itself. I read about resetting nvram, but that's not possible on a hackintosh. Help would be greatly appreciated.