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Using one chameleon for multipule OS X installs?

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to make installing OSes easier in the future i want to make a partition on a GPT disk for each OS with the iso/dmg/etc restored to it. then with chameleon on a "main" partition of ~500MB i can call any of the OSes from the partitions for install (would need a new category style GUI). but for installing retail osx on a pc this wouldn't work (could do distro, but they = eww :D) because chameleon doesn't have support for selecting one config for one installation and another for another install. non-osx would be fine since they don't need anything injected while booting (Linux, windows installs etc)


-Could i install chameleon to a the "main" partition and then put the Extra/Kernel/etc needed for each osx on their install partition and have none on the main? (would cham see this and use the Extra stuff from the partition it is booting the install disc from?)

-Does chameleon support as many partitions as the GPT partition?


on a smaller scale, how do people do it with a retail lion and retail SL on the same HDD? a BIOS doesn't recognize the individual partitions of a HDD for boot, right?



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Short answer is yes, you can do what your talking about. Chameleon just being a boot loader doesn't have a whole lot of "stuff" to it. If your loading kexts from /Extra/Extensions you can add sub folders kexts for 10.7, kexts for 10.6 etc (I don't know exact syntax off the top of my head so check forum.voodooprojects.org/ for more info on that). Even though chameleon loads it's preference files before you get to boot menu, any different preferences in Extra folder of the partition you then choose to boot from are supposed to override them, and this usually works fairly well, but I have had some issue in the past when DSDT is on both boot partition and "boot into" partition that are on same drive causing neither one to get loaded, but that may have been fixed by now. Likewise you can just install Chameleon to a thumb drive, and have it be a bootloader only, able to boot all your "bootable" partitions

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