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  1. I'm not sure. I would look into the clover documentation as this was written a while ago...
  2. Bought this a while back for native WIFI on my lenovo t440p hackintosh with a bios mod. Selling the laptop so I don't need this card anymore. The M.2 connector has been modified to fit either slot type. $30 free priority shipping in the USA www.ebay.com/itm/232023566666
  3. sirbow2

    Hackintosh compatible?

    now i know why no one is helping you. dont be lazy, search your self.
  4. sirbow2

    Hackintosh compatible?

    you need a different kernel. try legacy kernel, but have an i3, so maybe the vanilla kernel will work after you install.
  5. sirbow2

    Hackintosh compatible?

    it crashes right when the OSX splash would come up? if so it would be a kernel issue.
  6. sirbow2

    Sound working, but STUTTERING.

    it may stop stuttering in audio. it was in one of those cham boot option lists. when you boot.
  7. sirbow2

    Hackintosh compatible?

    wow i missed two whole pages of this topic, nvm
  8. sirbow2

    Hackintosh compatible?

    lol@ that . i got tired of windows' viruses (just got another with good AVG and using common sense in browsing.) so now im working on a quad boot with ubuntu 12.10, win 7, win 8, and OS X SL i dont know what you are deciding, but go with that guide. if you count each number as a check box and check them all in order it will work. (weirdest analogy ever )
  9. sirbow2

    Sound working, but STUTTERING.

    try idlehalt=0 in cham
  10. if anyone wants to know, im going to try this out today with installers as i said above. 273(views) seem to do
  11. hi, to make installing OSes easier in the future i want to make a partition on a GPT disk for each OS with the iso/dmg/etc restored to it. then with chameleon on a "main" partition of ~500MB i can call any of the OSes from the partitions for install (would need a new category style GUI). but for installing retail osx on a pc this wouldn't work (could do distro, but they = eww ) because chameleon doesn't have support for selecting one config for one installation and another for another install. non-osx would be fine since they don't need anything injected while booting (Linux, windows installs etc) -Could i install chameleon to a the "main" partition and then put the Extra/Kernel/etc needed for each osx on their install partition and have none on the main? (would cham see this and use the Extra stuff from the partition it is booting the install disc from?) -Does chameleon support as many partitions as the GPT partition? on a smaller scale, how do people do it with a retail lion and retail SL on the same HDD? a BIOS doesn't recognize the individual partitions of a HDD for boot, right? thanks!
  12. sirbow2

    Can I Hackintosh my Laptop?

    and what proof do you have of that? people have used both the proc and chipset, so it will probably work,
  13. sirbow2

    Can I Hackintosh my Laptop?

    which model? must be new. dont see anything either. it uses a HM57 chipset and a AMD E-xxx series CPU. so youll want to use a snow leo (10.6) retail DVD install method with a legacy kernel for AMD. this boot cd should be good: http://www.mediafire.com/?o4t0i5wdzkm inf about it: http://prasys.info/2010/01/empire-efi-v-1-085-is-out/ Note: you must have a USB or dvd of retail snow leopard. no, you cant use that to upgrade. have to do a clean install. and anywas AMD dont work well on lion/ML. here is an experimental guide for lion on AMD. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/278181-amd-1073-guide-experimental-only/
  14. sirbow2

    [HAZARD] Problem with booting CD

    that sounds like you are using the wrong kernel. it should have multiple kernels on the DVD, youll just have to find out what they are and what drive number it is: bt(d,p)kernel_name where d is disk starting from 0, and p is partition on that disk starting at 0 or 1(not exactly sure)
  15. sirbow2

    AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    sounds like a GFX card issue. i found that it has an integrated radeon HD 3000. so make sure you are using the latest cham on your boot usb/cd etc. try typing GraphicsEnabler=No or =Yes at boot and see if it helps.