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weird CI and QE


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my rig>

x700pro 128 id 5e4b 1002

A64 3000+ 939

nforce4 mother * msi k8neo4-f *

ATA driver 80gb

2 GB ram.


well the problem? its just QE and CI and i can't make them work full time... they load when they want... some times they load some times no.. its really weird, and when it dont work i just get stuck in -v mode with "loginwindows started" or with the ethernet mac adreess

, and then it stop loading and i have to reboot...


Installed> Jas 10.4.7 + AMD SSE3 Patch kernel * 10.4.4* + Callisto 006 + Kover patch.


any ideas_¿?

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