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Will not shut down - reboots every time

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Hi Folks, Not sure what is the most appropriate forum for this particular issue. All has been fine inthis regard for a number of years but in the past 3 weeks or so the mac sides of my multi-boot have been giving me this issue where I cannot shut any of the OS's down.. thought it might be DSDT related so replaced the dsdt with a copy of an earlier one I know for sure worked..

On the Windows side of things all is well and shuts down as you would expect.


Anyone run into this issue or can suggest where the issue might lie? Cmos settings perhaps... I have been having a cmos clock reset issue for several weeks also... replaced the battery this morning....


For the record I'm running

Disk 1: Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Disk 2: Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (base version for troubleshooting etc)

Disk 3: Snow Leo 10.6.8

Disk 4: Unmentionable 7 x64


Bootoader - Chimera


Thanks in advance

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Alas no! Definitely it would seem as though the patch is the solution for both issues... However... first ran the terminal command... Shut down and the machine immediately rebooted!


So then I downloaded the patched kext and put it through kext wizard.... shut down and once again same result.


did the same for the troubleshooting ML install - zipped up the dsdt.aml and deleted the original,,,, shut down and it's still rebooting!


Machine was working fine up until a couple of weeks back... I might try re-seating the cpu later on as I did take it out recentl and disconnect all the HD's etc for cleaning! but as things stand the patch has not fixed the problem.

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