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  1. I solved it. It was an update from one of the Public Betas that Scuppered my build!... I hadn't realised but the image I was using was still set to receive beta updates and somehow it managed to add a pre-release update to a post GM release the Solution was to copy over the image again and disable beta updates before updating! As Bowie Said... "Hunky Dory" now!
  2. A working driver for build 15G21007 please I re-installed El Capitan yesterday and updated it and found that I didn't have an installable set of web drivers for my GT 240 so hacked the f13 to get it to install. On reboot I find the driver is "not compatible" so I hacked the f14 version likewise replacing the build number in the installer,,,, SAME Result! No updates available either.... I am not sure when the latest security patch for El Capitan was released but if HIgh SIerra history is anything to go by a working Web driver is usually available within 24 hours of the patch If anyone has anm update on this or a workaround please share
  3. I am marking this solved as I have now been able to boot for a week or two with no problems at all! Today I backed up with CCC - downloaded and installed Onyx. I forgot to disable disk checking using automation,,,, Onyx Locked up forcing a hard reset. On reboot I ran Onyx again... this time I disabled disk checking altogether and ran automation with defaults... On reboot straight to the No Entry HID Shim issue once again Conclusion - Onyx is killing my High Sierra Installation... It's gone now and I should manage okay with MacPilot which does not kill it!
  4. I am not sure if this is Solved yet still,,,, I refreshed my bios with the new beta bios from Gigabyte for my board (10c) and reset my options - making sure Igfx was well and truly disabled in the bios.... I got 4 days from it without a crash (A Record!!!) and then ran Onyx and Mac Pilot on it!!! DEATH! I restored from a backup I'd managed to take in those 4 days.... Ran Onyx on it only... DEATH!!!! Restored again... deleted Onyx and ran Macpilot only,,,, but without the dyld Shared Cache option kext caches and have so far rebooted around 4 times in 2 days... still fine,,, If this is what's been going on here,,, it seems that either cleaning System Caches of dyld is Murder for HS!!! - Not sure if anyone can back me up on this and had similar!!! I'm not marking this thread solved just yet because every time I'm happy with it - it dies on the next reboot!!!
  5. I did as you advised... rebooted twice and each time this!!! I had to reinstall HS again to get into it (at least for the next 24 hours or so before it does it's usual! Your clover edit seems to be whats causing the panic on this occasion - as with mine (the one I had been using) I can get in at least for 24 hours... However I have not disabled ALL drivers in UEFI64 minus AptioFIxDrv2. In the Bios I totally disabled Intel Graphics as this was giving me installation issues... So neither one in it's current form appears to be the solution,,,
  6. Much as expected... Dead as a 4-King doornail!!! Bang on cue!!! HID:Legacy {censored} 2 followed by scrambled graphics and No Entry - SO dead it makesEl Día de Los Muertos look like a rejuvenation party! I'm not even convinced this has anything to do with clover.... DSDT-orig.aml.zip CLOVER.zip
  7. Hi Mald0n.... I think I went through this with you originally . a few years ago now... If you check out the DSDT Dev forum you will find that I discovered a fixed version you gave (Fully patched) to someone else... I ran it in it MaciASL and it still came up with 2 errors.... but it turns out there lines could simply be deleted and this allowed the DSDT to compile... I am running on it right now,,, and am going to restart/shut down several times today to see if the installation still breaks,,, if not I will assume all is well,,, The machine was running fine okay without a DSDT at all but by default those 2 errors (pre patch) were still present... Now if the system is referencing the clover version I should be set... If not I'll post back here... YEP! =)
  8. Squidderlee

    Gigabyte z87x-ud5h Compile errors

    Never mind... Fully patched - error free DSDT for my board DSDT.zip
  9. Hi, I need help form a coder or one with a coder's eye... I have tried to fix this myself but cannot find the error... certainly in case 1... The method seems to be coded correctly counting the brackets... As for the second and premature end of file... no clue at all,,,, should that empty method be there??? Thanks for your help,,, Incidentally . the DSDT extracted using Aida and tehone extracted by launching MaciASL appear to be identical???? What gives? WHy the need to extract it on windows in the first place? DSDT.aml.zip
  10. May well be the case.... Mine is as up to date as I can get it without going beta... I did originally try to create a DSDT for my board and was unable to compile it... I think i got into a thread with RehabMan and also checked on a site I wont mention here to see if there was a stock one... There wasn't. I think it may well have been Rehabman that reassured me I did not need a DSDT... For Gigaboards it seems that you don't need one for any board built after 2010 - ours are considerably newer than that! I'll let u know how this goes... same time tomorrow I reckon... if not before (which will be bad news,,,,,)
  11. Have a read of this! Since I built this rig I have not used a DSDT... http://www.macbreaker.com/2014/03/how-to-edit-your-own-dsdt-with-maciasl.html The 10c Update you mention is a beta.... it's also not available through the bios app directly via the server... You're right our boards are very similar... I had the choice here,,, your is better for gaming... That said.... I have basically reinstalled HS once more and this time what I did was clean install Clover and copy across my SSDT and XOCI amls... and kexts I use - What I discovered though is that there was a DSDT and and a HDMI DSDT in my original folder... How the %&/$ they got there is anybody's guess... I think maybe this clover folder was either edited by someone else or it was one I downloaded initially to get HS up and running.... EIther way they ain't there now!!! I have no idea if it was that alien DSDT that may have thrown the spanner but one way or another we'll know if this was the issue or not by this time tomorrow! =) I generated a new SSDT btw using the PikerAlpha Script,,, Usually do this by other means,,,, So far it's Hunky Dory,,,, as usual but after a few reboots,,,,? Keep an eye on the thread... I'll let u know!
  12. I don't have a DSDT for this board... Not aware there was one... but I do have SSDT.. Maybe I'll try rebuilding Clover from Scratch without the SSDT and see where that gets me.... Never had an issue with Sierra on this SSDT though... As for the Bios I believe 9b was the last bios... I re-flashed mine only a few weeks ago and this was still the latest....
  13. Hi all, My question is simple enough... how can I keep High Sierra bootable on a Haswell Ga-z87x-Ud5h with a GT750Ti? I have been running hacks for 7 or 8 years now and NEVER have I had this much hassle. I have installed HS clean and as an update, with or without APFS and it runs perfectly, Then after a handful of boots I suddenly can not get in to the system anymore... It's a No Entry Symbol and "HID: Legacy Shim 2" lock up,,, I have no idea what the !&'% this is supposed to mean but I have noted that this even appears with SUCCESFUL boots sometimes 2 or 3 times... I have been trying to get a single installation to stick since the later previews and not one has lasted more than 24 to 36 hours tops. Getting NVidia to run was one thing but this is a mystery! There don't appear to be any indicators in Verbose mode other than this! By my reckoning there cannot be much wrong with my hardware of even clover as there are 3 or 4 successful boots before this happens... It just seems to be random and once I am met with this there is no option other than to revert to my Sierra installation! I have tried disabling NVidia web drivers, booting with disabled etc to get past it but I cannot! Has anyone else had this? What is the fix? Thanks guys