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Lion Installation on DV5000 Help.


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Hello there,

im trying to install Lion on a HP old laptop with model number DV5000.


Laptop Specs:

CPU: Intel Cenetrion CoreDuo T2300 @ 1.6ghz (Dual Core)

RAM: 2GB Kingstone @ 667mhz

GPU: Nvidia 7400GO

HDD: 200gb sata


Whats happen:


I create a bootable usb stick with retail 10.7 mac, i install chameleon and some extensions (nullcpupm, fakesmc) to stick and i tried to boot.

Chameleon loads and show 3 partitions (Windows Reserved, Windows, And Installation Stick) i choose installation stick with args "-v cpus=1 arch=i386" and i press enter,

chameleon start loading extensions and after that screen goes black and system freeze without any error!


I tried vanilla kernel, legacy_kernel, some lion unofficial releases like iAtkos and BlackLion without success, everytime the same freeze happens.


Is anyone out there to help me?


Thanks a lot!

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