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HD6870 - XFX 1GB D5 X Installation help 10.8.2


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Hey guys!


I hope I could get some help for a solution to get my "XFX 1GB D5 X HD6870 Dual Fan" fully supported under 10.8.2!


See the screenshot of my SYS-Profiler and you will see that I did not get rid of the "Radeon HD 6xxx" detection in Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

I tried all kind of things to bring it back to work with Adobe After Effects, therefor it should be detected as a "Radeon HD 6870" in SYS-Profiler.

My Board is a Gigabyte EP-45 DS3.




What I have already done is:

I set the chameleon.org.boot.plist to ATI config, Duckweed, Ati Ports 4 (also tried 5).


Tried this with GraphicsEnabler=yes and =no!


Tried to add the Vendor ID and Devide ID to AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and ATI6000Controller.kext!


Tried to boot up with the ATISupport.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext, ATI6000Controller.kext in S/L/E which i took from my 10.8.0 lion Installation Boot Stick.



Nill and Nothing did it so far. No Duckweed is recognized... All was fine under 10.7.5!


Could someone give me a little help?


I also spend my Graphics Kext Files from S/L/E and you may have an Eye on them?


If you could take a couple of minutes for me that would be fantastic...

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