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Lion Freezes with Android phone connected


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It's as simple as this: I switched from iPhone to Android, the HTC One X to be specific. I have had no issues with this phone being plugged into my Macbook Pro (10.7 running the latest updates), but for some reason, now when I plug in my phone, my laptop will freeze. But in a very odd sort of way. It's almost like my keyboard completely craps out on me. I can't move the mouse, no key presses do anything (although the escape key took one application out of full screen the other day), but music will keep playing as if nothing is wrong, the clock at the top ticks away with no delay, and if I press the power button, the little pop-up pops up and asks me how I want to shut down, but no matter what I do, I can't move the mouse or make the keys select an option, and I'm forced to do a hard reboot. I tried putting it to sleep by shutting the lid, and then it just hung there with a black screen trying to go to sleep.

At first I thought it was only happening when I received a text message while the phone was plugged in, but now I'm not so sure. I have been looking around on the internet and I just can't find ANYTHING even remotely related to this!

Sorry for the long post, and any help is much appreciated!

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