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Strange Artifacts 10.8.2 Asus ENGT520 SILENT


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  • GA-EP45-DS3 (correct dsdt for bios)
  • SMBIOS Mac Pro 3,1
  • Asus ENGT520 SILENT
  • 10.8.2
  • latest Chimera

Experiencing some very odd artifacts that appear rather randomly.

3D/OpenGL stuff and Heaven Benchmark runs through continously and without errors, even with max AA and max AF turned on. I appear to have QE/CI working and dual Monitor too, the artifacts appear on both monitors and concentrate mainly on menu elements, icons and filenames.


The Graphics Adapter is brand new and does not appear to have any thermal issues under load (tested with my bare hands) and does not show any other abnormalities. After sleep, the artifacts tend to disappear for a while. After longer use (not neccessarily under load!) they reappear.


Currently I am using the stock NVDAGF100Hal.kext, patched with the correct device/vendor ID.

I installed the newest Chimera and deleted Appleupstreamuserclient.kext (if that is of any relevance).

Regardless of whether i boot with GraphicsEnabler enabled or disabled, I am seeing the same symptoms.

Also I am not using any special kexts other than HDAEnabler.kext and RTL-kext by lnx2mac.


Cinebench and Heaven results are what is to be expected of this card.

Since the System (GA-EP45-DS3, Q6600 on stock speed) is running vanilla and has been working with the proper DSDT for a couple of months now, and the only new component is the GPU, i guess that the card has faulty VRAM or something along those lines. But since stress tests do not make the system lock up or heat up for that matter, I was wondering whether someone else experienced similar issues. My searches in several forums did not bring up anything useful.


I have attached a couple of Screenshots (yep, the artifacts show up on screenshots).

Other than the artifacts the system is smooth and runs well.


Oh and I tried several options for the Gigabyte Robust Graphics Booster in the BIOS (AUTO/Fast/Turbo), but there does not really be a way to turn it off. However I cannot imagine that such a marginal overclock, if it even does anything at all, would cause such heavy artifacts.


- any ideas for a fix regarding the visual glitches?

- any way to do an artifact test under osx? i know of ways in windows, but the machine does not have a windows install available to test atm

- chances for this being a hardware defect? i am betting on corrupt vram or the likes


thanks in advance for any help offered :)


Guess this is a Fermi issue? The latest nvidia drivers do not show support for the GT520 though, should i try to install them?




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..maybe try the new drivers for 10.8.2... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283299-nvidia-retail-drivers-for-1082-3040005f02/ ...not sure why you deleted Appleupstreamuserclient.kext....but if you can ...put it back...you will probably need the opencl fix as well... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/266318-opencl-fix-for-non-gf100gf110-cards-aka-ccsm-21/page__st__80#entry1852666 ...and i don't use GraphicsEnabler at all...it just works... :smoke:

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