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Kernel Panic after enabling "write to NTFS"

Ira Aduro

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So I did something stupid and tried to activate OSX's ability to write to NTFS. Here's the steps I followed


Run Terminal

Type "diskutil info /Volumes/volname", where volname is the name of the NTFS volume. From the output, copy the Volume UUID value to the clipboard.

Type "sudo nano /etc/fstab."

Type "UUID=111-111-111 none ntfs rw", where 111-111-111 is the UUID you copied.

Save and quit nano by typing Control-X, Y, and then Enter.

Restart your system.

I did that for the one NTFS partition I want access to from OSX. Now I get a kernel panic. I'm attaching a photo of the kernel panic. I can see it references the UUID of the partition.


I'm not sure how to undo what I did but I'm sure google will be my friend.


Is it worth trying to fix or am I better off just reinstalling Mountain Lion? I just installed Mountain Lion so I don't have anything valuable on the disk.

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I've heard those are good.


However I need to be able to boot in osx first.


When I try to boot into osx I get the kernel panic. What can I do to fix this.

try booting with -x

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Thanks, I'll try that out when I get home and report back.


btw - I've read that there's a possibility of corrupting the NTFS drive if you write to it from OSX. I'm guessing since you guys recommended Paragon and Tuxera you haven't run into that problem yourselves?



I thought I'd just google how to boot in -x mode but I can't seem to find instructions on how to do. Is it an option when selecting the OSX drive in Chameleon or is there another way to boot into OSX with -x mode?



Think I found it:

Boot into safe mood -- enter the -x boot flag when on the hackintosh boot screen

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One more question - let's say I can get into OSX. How in the world do I undo what I did?

maybe try to find the setting for another ntfs driver then apply those settings to the ntfs driver you've modified

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