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Problem with boot, help me please!


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Hi i bought ML in Apple Store and i have problem to boot osx , i can only boot normally in windows.


I installed clover but doesn't boot what's wrong?




0: FDisk_partition_scheme *320.1 GB disk0

1: 0x27 19.3 GB disk0s1

2: Windows_NTFS SYSTEM RESERVED 104.9 MB disk0s2

3: Windows_NTFS Acer 150.9 GB disk0s3

4: Apple_HFS MLion 149.7 GB disk0s5


I have an Acer Aspire 5750G

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u must prepare ML image to boot


u don't have a mac, it is a hack



How to install InstallESD.dmg to GPT. since r480.


First, you need to Restore InstallESD.dmg to disk by using Disk Utility.

Then, follow the stage 1 and stage 2 to install 10.7.x or 10.8.x to GPT, and auto-create the Recovery HD used for iCloud.


Stage 1


1.Remove kernelcache in InstallESD.dmg/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist.

Kernel Cache remove this line.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx remove this line.

2.Copy BaseSystem.dmg/System/Library/Extensions to partition of InstallESD.dmg and add other kexts (FakeSMC.kext).

3.Clover select to "Boot Mac OS X with extra kexts (skips cache)", and follow the installation with restart first time.


Stage 2


1.Remove kernelcache in target partition's /OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist.

Kernel Cache remove this line.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx remove this line.

( 10.7.x is /Mac OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist )

2.Copy InstallESD.dmg/System/Library/CoreServices and /mach_kernel to target partition's / .

3.Copy BaseSystem.dmg/System/Library/Extensions to target partition's / and add other kexts (FakeSMC.kext).

4.Boot to "OS X Install" with "Boot Mac OS X with extra kexts (skips cache)" and finish the installation.

(10.7.x is "Mac OS X Install")


about clover





good hack

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Hi ..


I have the same issue. I have Win 7 Enterprise and ML on MBR partition scheme on same HDD.


I had first the Windows installed then I resized the D: partition and created a new 50 GB primary active partition for ML.


ML installed correctly and can be boot only with USB drive.


I used Diskpart to set the ML partition as active and then I lost the Win boot loader.


Using the Win recovery disk I restored the Win loader and used EasyBCD to create a multi-booting menu.


Selecting Windows it works fine, but selecting OSX gives boot chain error.


I tried installing Chameleon to the OSX partition many times but it doesn't work except through USB drive.


Any advices ?



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ok, this is the second option for install it, download binarios chameleon folder i386


1. open the folder i386 and copy boot1h for your USBInstaller.

2. boot from USBinstaller and go for utilities and open app Terminal

3. type diskutil list for identified your disk and partition were you installed of system ML = "(i.e: disk0s2)"

4. type diskutil unmount disk0s2

5. type cd /

6. type dd if=boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 bs=4096

7. reboot

in steep 6 put your disk and partition "(i.e disk0s2 "), see your

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