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I'm having problems after a sleep cycle. Can anyone help?


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Installed Mountain Lion. Works perfect. Only issue is, after a sleep cycle, the video card (ATI 6850) is left in a low power state, and only gets 1/4 performance. I have to restart to get gfx back at normal rate. This is using smbios MacPro3,1.


Now, I can fix the slow graphics performance after sleep if I use smbios of iMac12,1. Then, gfx is fast and stays fast, even after sleep. BUT... then my audio pops like crazy. Only way to fix is to revert back to MacPro3,1.


Is there something I can do to get the 6850 back to full power after a sleep cycle using the MacPro3,1 smbios? I can't stand the popping of the audio!


I only use patched mountain lion AppleHDA.kext for my 889a audio, AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext to fix DVDPlayer and Eject button, and the AppleRTC.kext bin patch for CMOS corruption. (and of course, fakesmc.kext). I'm running a Q9550 on a G45 board with an Gigabyte 6850.

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