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TOP 20 Hackintosh GeekBench Scores !


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Just a little bit ago we had somebody tell someone else that they were the "...highest Geekbench score of any Hackintosh ever recorded on the official Geekbench website..." at 28,000. Although I didn't want to burst this persons bubble, I did want to make sure that props are given to where props are due, so to be fair I thought posting this here would not only be helpful, but now "official." So here we go:


1) Tutor - 40,100 - 10/21/2011



2) PunkNugget - 36,918 - 09/03/2012



3) SR2Mac - 34,771 - 04/15/2012



4) BrainDeadMac - 34,526 - 08/07/2012



5) OuttaMyWay - 33,525 - 07/05/2012



6) DigitalMash (aka: jaylongeee) - 31,496 - 08/05/2012



7) MacQuest1970 - 31,172 - 08/07/2012



8) PHP75 - 30,722 - 07/28/2010



9) Echrei - 30,519 - 01/30/2012



10) Fitseries - 30,358 - 07/22/2010



11) Stubbs - 30,248 - 07/23/2012



12) Noobfikt - 29,279 - 10/30/2011



13) Schrodinger - 28,939 - 05/27/2012



14) Fuhlemann - 28,496 - 08/28/2012



15) Yanceylowe - 28,481 - 05/07/2012



16) TAM - 28,360 - 11/04/2011



17) rodester - 28,318 - 07/26/2012



18) rhamlin - 28,292 - 10/11/2011



19) Jboycool4 - 28,248 - 07/05/2012



20) Jasonvp - 28,227 - 02/25/2012



Mind you, there were a couple of those that had CPUs that I couldn't recognize (i.e.; "Intel000"), but since we all know that no current 2012 "stock" Mac Pro out there can reach over a GB of 24,000+ that we know of, I included them as Hackintoshes. I do want to mention something though, a few of these scores may come from a few Mac Pro owners swapping out their stock CPUs for the Xeon X5680's or X5690's. If that's the case, then you can definitely reach GB of 28,000+. Still the cost is considerably more for those CPUs (on top of the already high price that Mac Pro's cost) and since you're modding you might as well build a PC version and save some ducats. Also, I only gave Shout-Out's to ones that left their avatar-type sigs with their GB score; those that didn't were not mentioned.


Also, anyone who may think that having a GB below 28,000 is still not a great score, take a look at this link and I think you'll be pleasently surprised:




Lastly, on an important side note, I'm extremely thankful for all the others who helped along the way, by way of my PC build, BUT when it came to OC'ing THEN UC'ing (UnderClocking) my system, there is NO WAY that I could have even come close to Tutor's or BrainDeadMac's GB score without their guided support and tutelage. It is BECAUSE of them that I'm ranking 2nd in line in my GB scores. So all BIG-UPS go to both you men for your help - THANK YOU !!! 8-)


PS - If anyone is wants to tap into the POWER of UNDERCLOCKING to harness the FULL POTENTIAL of your BEHEMOTH Hackintoshes, then please go here and enjoy...




As I've said before, my hope is that this will help anyone to take it even further in their UC'ing skills with their EVGA SR-2 mobo setup (which over half of us that are in the TOP 20 have here anyway), to out perform any Mac Pro out there and give you OVER 50% to 70% performance at less than 1/3 the cost.


...and isn't that whole reason why we built these things anyway? Later... B)

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