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Rampage Dev

ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 Mountain Lion

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Post your DSDT and IOreg and I will inject your GPU into your DSDT and give you the AppleHDA I was using. This will give you HDMI audio out.


Also what wifi card are you using in your laptop? The native one will not work and I want to replace it.

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Ok I have attached my DSDT and ioreg for inject GPU and HDMI.

ioreg n dsdt.zip


Thank you so much for your interest.


As you have the same one - N5010, you know this one comes with bcm4313. I replaced it with Atheros AR9285 from ebay. using this kexts -http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2311 .


I have added my HDMI on dsdt, pached AppleHDA works but no output :( . Don't know what's go wrong. So using voodoo HDA.

Please correct HDMI info, if anything wrong and send your AppleHDA.

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I had replace AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext, its working. So haven't load voodoo battery. Installed AppleHDA, replaced dsdt. Sounds works , but no input :( .



I have attached my codec_dump and ioreg for your consideration.

codec n ioreg.zip


Thank you.

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Yes I confess. You have edited a few things.

Thanks man...

Here is the kext I am using.power.zip


If you suggest me to load voodoo, please tell me.


Consider audio kext, I think something wrong with device id on DSDT, help me to correct audio.



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When i setup ATY_INIT.kext for my graphics card driver, it worked. But it just worked on external monitor screen not laptops screen. I just saw black screen on laptop. After boot, the laptop screen still seems black. But the external monitor which i connected by VGA output is worked.


In the following link you can see the pictures which i took for clear understand. Are there any other ways to setup this graphic card ?

Link: pictures and kext files


Note: I tried to setup shrike and peregrine versions of ATY_INIT.kext but it failed. Both of the screens internal and external didn't worked. But when i setup motmot version it worked like which i told above.


Thanks for your helps and sorry for my bad english..

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Guest minty_lite

Could I request also for AMD Radeon 6320 Graphics Card using ML?


I have

~ Sony Vaio Y - VPCYB4AJA

~ AMD Dual Core E-450 APU @ 1.65GHz

~ 2 GB Ram

Edited by fantomas1
hi minty_lite pls open another topic for your request :) cordially, staff

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