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strange problem when booting mac os x after windows 7 x64 sp1

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hi there

the topic title almost says it

i use chameleon 2.1 v2050 on my usb to boot mac os x ml on my pc

so far no luck getting it work from hdd (no worry its a matter of fixing clover bootloader into my installation )

so as i only can boot from chameleon then you have to know that everytime i boot my windows 7 ( home premuim or ultimate ) x64 sp1 and the turn it off ( complete shutdown ) even after a day of not using i still have a crash when mac os x ml boots (it doesnt say why actually but i will post a picture attachement in verbose

i hope you can help me !!


one of the other problems i face is that i have the clock time in ML

it appears to change my time on everystart for mac os x (i usually notice it in windows 7 after booting mac os x )

always the wrong time (2 hours or three hours short)

i wish someone knows what happens !!

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i am sorry for keeping this away too long but i have finished installing the dual boot system yesterday

so as far as the picture here it is

this is after loading windows ==> shutdown ==> boot mac os x ML 10.8.2 :


and this is after the freaken restart (or shutdown) after the crash ==> these settings boot



i also noticed one more thing :

Nvidia graphic card seems to shut down after the success boot of the mac os x

how ?? ==> i reboot or shutdown mac os x then i start windows 7 and then no more dual graphics installed !!!!!

nvidia control panel and the device manager confirms that !!!!

I shutdown windows and restart windows ==> Nvidia graphics on and working again !!!????!!!!!

i really dont know what is happennig but i know for sure it does involve my nvidia graphics card somehow


about the RealTimeIsUniversal which should i fix ; i mean windows or mac os x ??

i got alot of results and they vary with the situation

i know that windows clock is as same as my bios clock (i have checked) but mac os x differs from them so what should i do ??


I really appreciate your help please !!!

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