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[Solved] Cloned partition not bootable, bootloaders installed.

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Hey guys, I have an 10.8.1 installation working perfectly fine updated from 10.7.4. I've picked up an SSD drive and I just cannot wrap my head around the issue of not being able to boot from my cloned partition. Long time member here so i've already mostly tried all different variations of the common recommendations.



Quickly for reference,


-10.8.1 installed and configured properly with chameleon, working perfect.

-Downloaded superduper, cloned partition to SSD drive.

-Installed chameleon on SSD drive, verified disk and permissions.

-Restart system, no bootable device found on SSD.

-Booted back into original install, completely removed efi partition on SSD..created a new one, installed boot files manually in terminal, same issue upon reboot.


*Bootloader on working drive takes a bit to come up with the clone drive connected. Getting ebios sector read errors and the clone partition is not detected by the original bootloader.

*After this issue upon booting up disk utility and verifying the SSD disk I get efi partition errors that it "repairs" but does not fix the issue.


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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I'll also add that after creating a usb installer and completing the installation to the ssd the same issue persists.

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you killed it when you touched the EFI partition. Wipe the drive completely and repartition it. Maybe use CCC to clone, they switched to paid app, but 30 day free trial should be long enough to clone a drive and I can confirm it works and has been updated for ML. Don't worry about installing chameleon to the drive right away, just reboot as normal from your old disk first and verify you can choose the new drive from Chameleon menu and boot to it, if it works all fine, then install chameleon.

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I've done that quite a few times...installing it manually was a last option, i'm thinking it may be the solid state drive itself. Not sure what else it could be, i've done absolutely everything to my knowledge

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LE doesn't have the different controllers like the standard x58 boards with the red/black ports etc...but nonetheless i have tried swapping ports lol. Will try and install windows on the ssd and report back.

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What kind of SSD? Installing windows sounds like a fine thing to try. While your there, check for BIOS updates and SSD firmware updates

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