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gtx 660 ti works


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Just a short note to say my shiny new MSI gtx 660 ti works without graphics enabler in Mountain Lion, as would be expected given it similarity to the other kepler cards (670, 680).


This is a 2 gb card, so opencl won't work without a patch - I've yet to apply that.

Also finding the opengl cinebench score no better than my gtx 550 ti managed, so some fixes required there I think. Or at least a better benchmark tool.


Sleep/wake works with Mountain Lion, thankfully, since I bought it to replace the 550 ti that breaks graphics on display sleep.


Will update this thread with further info once I get opencl working fully.


wanted to add to the wiki, but seems hard to edit that...

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No Luxmark before because not working OOB with this card, I got an error "OpenCL ERROR: clCreateCommandQueue(-30)" in luxmark, so...


I patched GeForceGLDriver.kext with Netkas' libclh.dylib (I presume that just has the hex edit in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=266318 ?).


And I applied the bigger than 2GB opencl fix http://netkas.org/?p=1161 to /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenCL.framework/Versions/A/OpenCL


Luxmark Sala test now gives 1018 (sounds about right, and is near twice what my gtx 550 ti sc scored - 532).


Initial test with unigine-heaven-3 default settings gave: fps: 48.4, scores: 1219, Min FPS: 9.6, Max FPS 110.1

But I was seeing a message from AGPM in console log "kernel[0]: [AGPM Controller] unknownPlatform"


So I added the device ID to the AGPM info.plist under the MacPro4,1 section that I use in smbios. 'Vendor10deDevice1183', set logcontrol to 1 and applied the threshold changes rampagedev outlines for the older nvidia cards, then retested and got a minor improvement in unigine

fps: 52.3, scores: 1317, Min FPS: 23.9, Max FPS 119.6


Which looks about right. Especially given my rather old mobo/cpu combo.


One remaining issue I'd like to sort out is cosmetic, in system profile the PCI section is empty "This computer doesn't contain any PCI cards. If you installed PCI cards, make sure they’re properly installed." In the past I've fixed that by adding an efi string for the card to chameleon's device properties, but does that even work with graphics enabler set to no?

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Hi all,


Just put in the GTX 660 it is working great, however, I cannot get OpenCL to work. I came from the dreaded 560ti to this card and now no OpenCL!


For your information my kexts all have the 3/10/13 date on them and say version 8.10.44 (I assume this is the native Apple 10.8.3 kexts???)


MacPro 4,1

I still have one 560ti in the lower slot, (that shouldn't matter)


This has to be something simple, what on earth am I doing wrong?


Please let me know if I need to change frameworks as well as kexts as I am not too sure, so far I have been keeping the frameworks with their corresponding kexts...if that makes sense.


Like I said, card(s) are working great, just no OpenCL on the GTX 660, thought it would be an easy swap, just put the card in, put the original unmodified kexts back, and everything should work. Knew it would be harder than that.... icon_e_sad.gif

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