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Stuck at GUID partition in os installation


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Hi guys!


First of all thanks for a nice community with lots of guides and discussion. I have come quite far in creating a hackintosh but I am now stuck at a certain place.

I made a bootable usb and with some commands I am now able to enter the mountain lion installation. I can click on disc utility and see everything there.

Now is where my question comes in.


I have a 1tb harddrive that is split up into 3 partitions. 1 partition is for windows, 1 is a extra for backup and 1 is for mac. I named the mac partition to mac and have formatted as mac os journaled.

However, when I try to resume installation it says it can’t install on mac hdd because it needs to be formatted with GUID.


When I go back to disc utility the only way I can see the PARTITION thingy is when I click on the HDD top menu. But that seems to format the whole drive. I just want to partition the mac partition.

Is it because there can only be 1 MBR or 1 GUID on the harddrive? Do I need a separate real hardrive instead?

This seems to be the only thing I am stuck at. If I can fix it I hope the rest of the journey will be smooth :)


Hope to be enlightened


PS. Most of the GUID things I found does not tell you anything about multiple partitions, sorry if the info is out there and I missed it. Did alot of browsing beforehand



Seems that if I goc back to windows 7 and use a partition program, make a new partition without formatting it to anything it could do the trick. The problem is that now the hdd does not boot up windows 7 anymore so I cannot access windows 7, it misses the boot record or some such. Any suggestions here :)



Reading this: "Before you convert a disk, be sure to backup the disk that you want to convert to GPT disk. Converting the disk requires that all partitions and volumes are deleted on the disk first." Guess I need to make the harddrive to one gpt partition and then install windows 7 again....or?

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I think I've seen this elswhere today trying to solve my own problems. Dualbooting a hackintosh with win 7 requires win 7 installed first but the mac osx must be installed closer to the beginning of the drive.


e.g. Partition 1 (Recovery [if present]); Partition 2 (MAC); Partition 3 (Windows)


I'm still backing data up to try this approach in the hopes it will fix my own issues




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You dont need to format HDD to GUID,this is crashed Windows installacion later.

Install Puma/10.8 on MBR partition is easy,without any problem with this litlle patch:


Need to use this to USB installer and enjoy Puma on MBR partition.. :wink2:

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If you want to just try without a reinstall, you might can try installing chameleon boot loader. I'm not sure if you've done that already, but if all else fails, you could always do a reinstall. I never tried to dual boot way. At least not yet. I'm going to try it later tonight on my gf's dell. I just reinstalled Win7 on it and am going to try and put Lion back on it tonight as a secondary os.

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